3 Must-See Examples of Great Careers Pages

April 11, 2014 at 6:00 AM by Kathleen de Lara

great careers pagesYour company's careers page is a candidate's one stop shop for deciding whether or not they're interested in working with the team.

If the talent funnel is looking a bit empty, it may be because your job ads aren't passing the blink test. Are job seekers interested in what you have to offer on first glance? Or are their eyes glazing over the novel you wrote about the opportunity?

We've listed three companies with model careers pages that we're excited about that can help your team draw in candidates — resumes, cover letters, and online profiles in tow.


airbnb careers page

airbnb careers page

We know what you're thinking, and we totally agree: Airbnb's jobs page is off the chain. The travel accomodation company's handsome design makes use of every inch of your monitor's screen, spanning colorful, eye-catching shots of team members, rooms, and office locations that make you feel like you're actually in the space with them, in an immensely likeable way. There's even a not-overly-softhearted pop-out video on the homepage that features Airbnb employees talking about what they do and why they love doing it. Job seekers not only get an idea about what they'll do, but also who they'll be working with and how they will find their own reason for falling in love with the company.


twitter careers page

twitter careers page

Take one look at Twitter's careers page and their message is clear: The company values teamwork, collaboration, and social influence that goes far beyond the World Wide Web. Twitter kindly splits up their open opportunities based on almost every job seeker's two most important factors: location and position. Click on "Location" to pull up a map of their 22 offices around the globe. Select "Team" to view a breakdown of available roles based on department, which is further categorized by location. Twitter's careers page is user-friendly because it's easy to read and streamlines the application process all within the site, which is integrated with Jobvite.


google careers page

google careers page

What kind of post on great careers pages would this be if we didn't include bigwig, good ole Google? These pages work because it neatly organizes departments and positions, and gives insight to the company work environment and culture with pictures of their office and happy employees.

Google has successfully established themselves as one of the leading powerhouses of commendable company culture, and they know exactly how to promote it. Wouldn't you want to be part of a "cool" team? With over a million applicants turning in their CVs annually, the right answer would be a resounding 'hell yeah', although they're reported to only accept about .5% of applicants.

Thumbs up and brownie points if you refused all temptations to stop everything you're doing, quit your job and start filling out apps to the companies above.

What kind of design techniques is your team applying to the company's careers page? Share it with us in the comments or tweet us @Entelo!