Last Week in Talent: June 12, 2017

June 12, 2017 at 6:00 AM by William Clarke

LastWeekinTalent6.12.2017.pngSummer has arrived! Which means if you have a pool you spent all weekend working on your tan, sipping pina coladas and blasting Hall and Oates (or maybe that was just me). If not, you probably did everything in your power to stay cool (Hello three shower days!)

But content never tires and the War for Talent is showing no signs of cooling off, so welcome to a sunny and summery edition of Last Week in Talent. 

Nowadays companies will do (or spend) whatever it takes to get candidates into the pipeline and hold onto the talent they already have. These days, that can mean anything from offering candidates Teslas to making vacations mandatory to paid family leave. Anything that gives you a leg up on the competition is fair game. After all, landing your company on a list of Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work or any other ranking can be a huge boon to your talent acquisition efforts.

While all of those things may get resumes into your inbox and keep your people happy, the arduous task of narrowing down hundreds and even thousands of resumes remains. So what is a despairing talent acquisition leader to do? Why, take a page out of NASA’s playbook for hiring astronauts, of course.

In other news, the venture dollars were flowing to startups new and old, salary transparency could be a great way to motivate employees, and the construction industry is in desperate need of people, which means it could be one of the ripest places for robots to make a dent.

Check below the fold for more links, capsules, infographics and statistics. And stay cool, stay frosty, and, as always, happy hunting. 


Paid Family Leave: An Issue Whose Time Has Come (Brookings): “In “Paid family and medical leave: An issue whose time has come” (PDF), the joint AEI-Brookings Working Group on Paid Family Leave—a group comprised of experts with experience in both Democratic and Republican administrations—takes a closer look at the need for federal paid family leave, highlighting the benefits and costs of providing paid leave from the perspective of workers, businesses, and society.”

7 Practical Ways to Reduce Bias in your Hiring Process (Harvard Business Review): “Unconscious racism, ageism, and sexism play a big role in whom we hire. But there are steps you can take to recognize and reduce these biases. So where should you start? And how can you help others on your team do the same?”

Want to Hire the Best? Copy How NASA Narrowed 18,300 Applicants Down to 12 (Inc.): “In a process spanning 541 days, NASA has determined how to select the very best of the best. (That for a civilian astronaut with a pay grade of less than $114,578 a year.) Few organizations will need as extensive an accounting of background and psychological testing as NASA does. But how it conducts its onsite interviews is a lesson for any business wanting to hire the best.”

Seattle recruiting is so tough one company is giving away Teslas to new hires (Seattle Biz Journal): “Axon, the Seattle-based division of Taser that builds and sells police body cameras and related software, is offering Tesla Model 3 cars to new hires, and not just senior executives. Eligible positions include full-stack engineers and web developers.”

Should Companies Make Vacation Mandatory? (FastCompany): “Managers are tasked with monitoring employees’ time off and working with them to schedule vacation time if the employee has not done so. Based on the data so far, the company estimates that 56% of employees will have taken 15 days or more of vacation by the end of the year.”

Employees Are More Motivated When Companies Are Transparent About Salary (NY Mag): “If the research is any indication, then, two things are true: One, pay transparency makes employees work harder, and two, pay secrecy leads to a decline in performance.”

Listicle of the week: The Best Places to Work in the Bay Area (Indeed)

Infographic of the week: Candidate Sourcing Dos and Donts (Lever): “A whopping 90 percent of talent say they’re open to hearing from a recruiter. But that doesn’t give you license to blast candidates indiscriminately – especially when they’re trying to enjoy their summers. Not all candidate sourcing tactics are created equal.”

Podcast of the week: Our Delusions About Talent (HBR Ideacast): Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, professor of business psychology at University College London, chats with host Sarah Green Carmichael about the myths and reality of talent.


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