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Video: What is Recruiting Automation: A Conversation on Recruiting Automation with Jon Bischke & Josh Bersin

“The status quo is simply not going to work going forward.” said CEO and Founder of Entelo, Jon Bischke.

As recruiting enters an era where jobs are finding people, rather than people finding jobs, recruiters need to add new tools to their arsenal to remain competitive in this landscape. Welcome to the age of recruiting automation.

Increase Recruiter Productivity with AI and Automation

It goes without saying that recruiters have a lot to do. So much goes into hiring a new employee, there's scheduling, paperwork, sourcing, job advertising and the list goes on. There’s simply not enough time in the day for any one recruiter to take on all these tasks at once. This is where AI and recruiting automation software come into play. AI allows recruiters to focus on the more nuanced tasks that require a human touch by handling mundane, time-consuming tasks and complete them at a much faster rate.

4 Ways to Improve the Way You Recruit Using AI

Technological advancements have made an impact in all areas of business. Despite the necessary human element in recruiting, the advancements made in artificial intelligence has the potential to change the future of the way companies hire.

Here are some of the ways recruiting teams can use artificial intelligence to offset the costs associated with the hiring process.

Using AI & Automation to Improve Candidate Quality

The pressure is on for modern recruiters. Hiring goals constantly increasing and the labor market is more competitive than ever. When the pressure to deliver on goals sets in, it’s easy to compromise on quality of candidate to just get someone in the door. Delivering on key performance indicators (KPIs) in the short term shouldn’t mean paying the price of a bad hire in the long term, especially when 41 percent of companies reported that a bad hire cost their organization $25,000.

Reduce Cost-Per-Hire with Recruiting Automation

Recruiting automation is more than just the latest buzzword. This new category describes how cutting-edge organizations are using the latest technology to identify, qualify and engage the highest quality talent. As the labor market is extremely competitive and recruiting teams are spread thin, there’s barely time in the day to connect with a candidate, let alone explore new technology. But passing over the latest trend in favor of spending more time sourcing will hurt more than help in the long run -- as smaller recruiting teams look for ways to keep up with organizations that have larger budgets, the solution is to work smarter, not harder, by adopting recruiting automation technology.

Recruiting Automation Roundup

This week, the recruiting automation news is all about optimizations. Companies are using highly sophisticated technology to optimize their time and effort to screen, engage, hire and retain talent.