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Announcing the Ultimate Guide to 2017 Recruiting and HR Conferences

In The Ultimate Guide to 2017 Recruiting & HR Conferences, we’ve captured the details that matter to you when deciding whether or not a specific conference is the right fit for you, your org, and hiring needs. With over 60 conferences and meetups happening around the world between now and June, we hope this guide gives you a bird's eye view to simplify your planning.

“Everybody is Unique, So We Have to Adapt”: Vevo Head of TA Brian Schneider

Vevo's Brian Schneider joined Hiring On All Cylinders for a wide-ranging chat with Entelo VP of Talent and Ops Jill Witty and host Rob Stevenson. The Head of Talent Acquisition, People Analytics & Technology chatted with the team about building company culture across international borders, how to make layoffs a more humane process, and why accurately assessing technical resumes can be such a challenge.

How to Tell if a Candidate's Skills Fit Your Role

This is the seventh in a series of ten posts on hiring candidates for characteristics linked to high performance. Each post focuses on a key candidate trait, why it matters and how recruiters can develop processes to correctly and fairly evaluate for it.

So far, we’ve covered the science of first impressions, the important difference between hiring for personality versus character, how to hire candidates committed for the long haul, how to find and hire motivated candidates, how hiring teams can find and hire talent committed to collaboration, and how to identify and hire passionate candidates.

This post will look at how your hiring process can accurately and sustainably identify candidates with the right skills for your roles.

You’ve probably heard it time and time again from hiring managers: “There just aren’t enough good people.” Whether you’re hiring entry level coders, sales managers, or experienced executive assistants, no one seems to be good enough. And maybe they’re sometimes right, but there’s also a tendency to hold candidates to impossible standards.

Driving an Engineering Culture with Collaboration

A ton of companies talk about culture and how important it is. And they’re right.

Culture represents the values of an organization and communicates important shared principles that define the work you do and how you do. This is especially true in tech, where so much of our work is a result of collaboration and creativity.

When it comes to engineering, cultures can be based in a variety of hobbies and interests, from the foosball table and kegerators to the ramen aficionado/boba fan culture we have at Entelo. Culture is more than just the games we play, and what we eat and drink together. Those things are easy to see.

“Speed is Key”: Technical Recruiting Hacks From the Front Line

This week Carter Lowe, Senior Technical Recruiter at Mondo, joins the Hiring On All Cylinders team to talk through the challenges of the world of agency recruiting. In this episode, Carter discusses how informational meetings between recruiters and hiring managers are a pre-search must, why technical literacy is a great way to become a better tech recruiter, and why you should never, ever burn a bridge with people in your network, no matter the circumstances.

How to Play the Long Game in Recruiting

Open roles, quarterly goals, and hiring manager woes. Much of a your job as a recruiter demands you move quickly to close talent and move on to other reqs. Time to fill is a metric you come up against, and having it hang over your head is enough to pressure you into trying to close every candidate. But sometimes, you’ve got to play the long game.