4 Skills Talent Pros Need to Recruit and Keep Their Best People

By now, you’ve probably heard the broken record illustrating the Venn diagram of recruitment, hiring, marketing and sales, and whether you think it’s overplayed or revolutionary, or both, the model reigns true and relevant to any modern talent pro.

Approach hiring like a pro in the space you’re hiring for makes a difference in who you find and how you recruit and engage people. This skills list we came up with is practical, manageable, and timeless. Any recruiting tool can speed up the hunt, but what are you doing after you’ve honed in on who you could hire?

Consider this a running start.

Want to Keep Employees for the Long Run? First, Ask Candidates These Questions

Though we refuse to swear by any secret recipe, special key, or magic formula to improve the chances employees at your company stick around for the long run, one thing we will stand behind is getting involved with team members’ engagement and retention before they officially come on board – that means asking the right questions to get the best fit candidate through each stage of the hiring process.

Is your company in high gear end-of-year hiring mode? Try these questions on for size to build and curate a more qualified talent funnel.