Entelo Welcomes Dan Ackermann as Director of Demand Generation

July 29, 2021 at 7:00 AM by Laura Davis

Welcome to the team Blog Post (4)Entelo is very excited to announce a new addition to our leadership roster! Dan Ackermann joins the team as our new Director of Demand Generation. He will be heading up the marketing and sales development team focusing on lead generation, events, and other go to market efforts.

With over 17 years of experience, Dan started his career at Keyence Corporation, where, unusually enough, he was an engineer. After a year there, he joined Panasonic where he did the bulk of his early-on career growth. Starting on the tech and tech support side of things, he learned a lot about customer service and how to talk to prospects and customers. He found himself engaged in a lot of marketing activities; from building out demos, to creating white papers, and other content-based services that helped the sales team grow. It was at that time that he realized a role in marketing was his calling.
"I have a creative side that I was hiding at the time, but that slowly came out more and more," he says "and because I had to try to reinvent myself, I had to learn a lot of things on my own and taught myself things like the entire Adobe Creative suite, motion graphics, and layout and design for brochures and trade show booths. Essentially it was a 'do what you gotta do' mentality."
Dan slowly branched out and showed Panasonic what he could do which brought him to spearhead an entire marketing automation implementation initiative for them, which is where he truly dug in on the digital marketing side of things.
After Panasonic, Dan jumped into the startup world with marketing leadership roles at both RebelMouse and ProQuo AI, before finally joining us here at Entelo.
"Entelo really spoke to me because the stability benefits of having a well known name with the speed benefits of being a startup was a great combination of [my experience.] It felt like home from minute one. And knowing that we have a decade worth of brand awareness under our belt was a huge selling point for me."
He holds a Bachelor of Science from Rutgers University.
Welcome to the team!