CHEATSHEET: How To Source Software Engineers

While you won’t be writing lines of code or designing web applications as a technical recruiter, you still need a baseline understanding of software engineering to be successful. And in an industry that never stands still, it requires constant and diligent effort to stay in the know of the world of engineering– even for the most seasoned recruiters.

Our 2020 Cheat Sheet lays it all out for you: the tech speak and lingo, skills and proficiencies to look out for, and the best places to find tech talent. Print it out and keep it by your desk for quick and efficient sourcing in 2020:

CHECKLIST: How To Evaluate A Sourcing Vendor

It’s hard to not be overwhelmed by today’s sourcing technology market. It’s no longer just LinkedIn or bust - now there’s tools that offer automation, some that specialize in tech talent, still others that function like CRMs. Some are stand alone platforms, while others provide added functionality to your current workflow. With the seemingly endless options available, it’s no wonder that the software evaluation process has become convoluted and frankly, broken.

When you set out to evaluate a new tool for your team, what you are really trying to decipher is its ROI. That’s why we’ve put together the Vendor Evaluation Checklist - to help you dig past the stats, jargon, and buzzwords so that you can understand the true value a tool will bring to your team. 

2020 Guide To Recruiting & HR Events, Part 1

With the new year around the corner, it's time to start thinking through your 2020 plan. What are your top hiring priorities? What skills and technology gaps stand in the way of those priorities? How can you equip your team with the necessary skillset and resources? 

The Modern Recruiter's Essential Reading List - Winter 2019


As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, there’s no better way to spend a winter evening than curled up by the fireplace with a good book. Why not take the opportunity to sharpen up your recruiting chops while you’re at it? Get your hot cocoa (or egg nog) ready, because we’ve put together the essential winter reading list for recruiters in 2019.


EVENT: TalentNet Live 2019

ConveyIQ by Entelo is excited to sponsor TalentNet Live 2019 in Dallas on December 6. Join us at Toyota’s state of the art North American Headquarters with over 200 talent professionals from great companies like Pepsico, Toyota, Zoes Kitchen, Baylor Healthcare, AmericanAirlines, McAfee, Intuit, and many more.

It's Time To Leave Segmented Recruiting In The Past

It’s a job seeker’s world out there. Companies of all kinds are in desperate need to fill their specialized roles with top talent, and there are only so many qualified candidates that they can recruit to fill those spots. Meanwhile, those same candidates are being recruited by other companies as well, and you can bet that their current employers are working to keep their VIPs on their teams.