WEBINAR RECAP: How to Build an Effective Diversity and Inclusion Program from Scratch

Entelo recently led a webinarfocused on the important steps and measures of success for building a diversity and inclusion program from scratch. Moderated by Entelo’s Senior Customer Education & Engagement Manager, Molly Siegel, our panelists included Kai Johnson, Corporate Marketing Manager at Salesforce; Kevin Walters, Diversity L&D Recruiting Leader at Amazon; and Andre Boulais, VP of Customer Success at our own Entelo. each shared the perspectives of three separate leaders championing DE&I efforts for different departments highlighting that Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is not just an HR initiative but an entire company initiative.

Announcing: The New and Improved Entelo Chrome Extension

New or renovated? 

Have you ever renovated your kitchen, or any room in your home, for that matter? After you renovated, did you step in and say, “ahhh...my new kitchen!” or “ahhh...my kitchen!” For all intents and purposes, it's still the same room, right? Just better!

So goes the story of how we recreated Entelo’s Chrome Extension. To start, I couldn’t help but ask, “what is the purpose of renovating?

WEBINAR RECAP: How to Take A Holistic Approach To DE&I At Your Organization

Here at Entelo, we understand the longevity of work and the importance of being authentic when approaching DE&I initiatives. A couple of weeks ago, we sponsored a webinar discussing meaningful and practical ways for enacting these initiatives organization-wide.

Entelo Launches Brand New Diversity in Recruiting Workshop

Entelo’s commitment to diversity runs deep, as does our relentless desire to make the world a more inclusive place.  As the recognized industry leader in diversity technology since 2014, “diversity” and “inclusion” have never been buzz-words to us. They’re core values held by our teams, and drive our decisions, from Engineering to Customer Success.  From mitigating bias in sourcing to building diversity within talent pools, there’s a reason that we power many of the Fortune 500 on their journey to building a more diverse and inclusive workforce. 

WEBINAR: How To Take A Holistic Approach To Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion At Your Organization

2020 has cast a glaring light on the disparities running rampant within our communities. While these systemic inequalities are no revelation to the communities victimized by them, for others in our society the last few months have been eye opening – leaving many asking how the year can be 2020 with seemingly little progress towards true equity. 

The Relentless Case For Diversity In Hiring In 2020

2020 has cast a glaring light on the racial and socioeconomic inequalities running rampant within our communities. The COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the world and our nation, has disproportionately affected African Americans and People of Color, who – due to gross economic disparities – make up the largest percentage of essential workers. This has pulled back the curtain on the realities of systemic racism and the persecution of the Black community, with an intensified spotlight on police brutality, and the growing Black Lives Matter movement across the country and globe demanding meaningful change.

Entelo Welcomes New VP of Customer Success Andre Boulais

It’s been an exciting past few months for Entelo, as we welcomed in a new CEO and completed an expansion of one of our most powerful integrations. Today, we add one more reason for celebration to the list – the appointment of our new VP of Customer Success, Andre Boulais.

Robert Tsao Appointed the CEO of Entelo

Entelo today announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Robert Tsao as Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors effective immediately. Tsao previously held the positions of Chief Product Officer and Vice President of Strategic Operations at Jobvite.

WEBINAR: Leaner Operations, Higher Productivity

Talent Acquisition is changing daily and now is the time to invest in your people, review processes, and evaluate technologies. 

The 2020 Recruiting Trends Report: COVID-19 Revision

The findings in Entelo's 2020 Recruiting Trends Report are based on survey data collected between December 2019 and January 2020 – well before the global spread of COVID-19 and its subsequent transformation of today's workforce.

It is clear that the challenges and priorities outlined in the report have shifted in response to today's pandemic. For this reason, we have revised the 2020 Recruiting Trends Report to include survey data collected throughout March and April 2020 which paints a more accurate picture of the current Talent Acquisition landscape. 

How To Be Proactive During A Hiring Slowdown: Market Mapping

While recruiting is a big part of the job description, there's still a ton of value recruiters can add amidst  a slowdown in hiring. Think of all the high-level, strategic projects that you’ve started and stopped in favor of more immediate hiring needs – the projects that would completely up-level your recruiting process, if only you had the time to dedicate to them. Hiring slowdowns give you that time, allowing you to focus on more proactive initiatives and put your team in the best position possible once hiring commences. 

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing some initiatives you can prioritize during a hiring lull, many of which are a focus for our most successful clients. Today’s hot topic - Market Mapping! Below we outline what it is, why you should do it, and how to get started. 

Customer Interview: Navigating Talent Acquisition During COVID-19, featuring ZeroCater

We know that COVID-19 has been impacting organizations around the globe, with some industries being affected more so than others.  As a result, Entelo is working to share resources and information to help our customers and the talent acquisition industry as a whole as they navigate this challenging time.

How To Adapt Your Recruiting Strategy To The Changing Landscape Of The Talent Market

The changing landscape of today’s economy has begun to set in for workers across the globe in very real ways. For some in industries like e-commerce, manufacturing, food retail, telemedicine, telecom, and healthcare, this has meant longer hours and increased hiring. But for workers in sectors like the service industry, who can not continue to collect an income while remaining at home, the reality is layoffs, furloughs, and unemployment. 

Simply put, the current pandemic has caused a rapid shift in the supply and demand of the talent market. Where there is a growing demand for more workers in a number of digital services and food retail industries, there is a growing supply of job seekers entering the job market from severely impacted industries. If you are a recruiter ramping up hiring, here’s why you should consider tapping into this growing talent pool – and how to adapt your recruiting strategy to do so.

WEBINAR: Talent Pipelining – Why It's Critical Now

The Talent Acquisition landscape has changed overnight. During this webinar, we will discuss how sourcers and recruiters can quickly adapt to the current state of work as well as prepare for the recruitment rebound by building an effective candidate pipeline strategy. Join us as Alejandro González de la Peña, Sr. Customer Success Executive, Talent Insights and Innovation Strategist, discusses how some of the top companies around the world are handling this change and using this time to build solid candidate pipelines!

The Complete Resource Guide For Job Seeking Recruiters

As the current situation continues to unfold, a number of difficult workplace realities have already set in. While most organizations are facing a loss in business amidst the financial downturn, some companies have been forced to furlough or layoff employees. The good news is that a number of companies are continuing to hire or are even ramping up hiring in order to meet the economy’s new demands. If you have found yourself on the job hunt during these uncertain times, here’s a compiled list of resources for job-seeking recruiters, sourcers, and Talent Acquisition professionals to help you land your next gig.