Announcing: The New and Improved Entelo Chrome Extension

October 20, 2020 at 9:00 AM by Una Stevic

Entelo Chrome Extension 3.0

New or renovated? 

Have you ever renovated your kitchen, or any room in your home, for that matter? After you renovated, did you step in and say, “ new kitchen!” or “ kitchen!” For all intents and purposes, it's still the same room, right? Just better!

So goes the story of how we recreated Entelo’s Chrome Extension. To start, I couldn’t help but ask, “what is the purpose of renovating?

Your outdated kitchen probably served you well for years, and helped create beautiful and tasty meals. But as time passes, you realize more of your time is wasted repairing your appliances instead of using them. It becomes a battle to clean up the mess to bring back the shine your stove and tiles once had. While great new technology is available out there, bringing in a new shiny appliance to your rusty kitchen would just make it look even worse. So you finally realize, it’s time for full overhaul. 

With Entelo Chrome Extension 3.0.0, we hope you will feel like stepping into something wonderful and exciting. Like your existing kitchen (full of memories), it will still serve the same purpose, but allow you to spend more time coming up with creative ideas instead of spending time trying to fix everything. 

Rebuilt from the ground up, our chrome extension is now available for all Entelo users through the Google Chrome Extension Store!

Even though it’s shiny and new, the Entelo Chrome Extension's purpose has not changed. It still serves to help you surface candidates as you browse the web, and get data-driven information insights based on 500 million profiles from Entelo's rich database. 

It helps you quickly engage with top talent and add them to your workflows, and saves you time when a profile has already been contacted or is already in your ATS (you won’t be wasting another second browsing the already sourced profiles!)

With the new user experience design you will have 3 main navigation tabs reachable in a single click:

  • Candidate Insights
  • Contact
  • Export

The three tabs are also modules that group together relevant features to help you efficiently complete your sourcing cycle:

  • Qualify - get a summary view of a candidate’s social footprint, skill level, company fit, likeliness to move, key achievements, and career progression or prediction of their next role.


  • Label - Add candidates to Entelo Projects, add tags or mention your co-workers through notes.
  • View similar profiles - browse though the list of similar talent found by Entelo and view more insights.


  • Engage - Access a candidates’ personal email address, craft and optimize emails using Entelo’s Outreach Insights, and schedule automated follow ups.
  • Export - Add sourced candidates directly to your Entelo-partnered ATS, or simply export as pdf.

Screen Shot 2020-10-15 at 9.19.39 AM

So, what happens if you stumble upon an already sourced profile?

Any profile that has been contacted, exported or tagged as contacted (or inMailed) will have additional indicators and relevant information no matter which part of the extension or website you're in. 

You will know if an email has been sent or scheduled, and you have access to preview it. You will also know when and by whom the candidate was exported to your ATS.

Additionally, browse through the entire history of Track outreach emails sent or scheduled and check the candidate engagement status.

Whether the email has been sent by someone else on your team or you, the message history includes every message.

Our story certainly does not end here. This release gives us the groundwork for many more features and updates to come. As we continue hearing your stories with the new technology, we can build on top of these features and identify many more integrations to include.

To find out more about how best to leverage the new chrome extension within your sourcing workflow, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or

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