3 Ways Entelo Increased Our NPS Score By 200%

March 15, 2021 at 5:00 AM by Andre Boulais

Blog Post_ 3 Ways Entelo Increased Our NPS Score By 200%

First off, to all of our customers: Thank You. When I joined Entelo 6 months ago (and mid-global pandemic) as our VP of Customer Success, I was beyond excited.

As the recognized leader in diversity recruitment technology, Entelo was always top of mind during my career in talent acquisition. Either as a global head of TA for a Fortune 500 or working strategically with hundreds of TA leaders, Entelo has long been an essential recruiting tool.  


One of our first core CS initiatives was to partner with the collaborative teams across Entelo to improve our customer experience. This resulted in an amazing increase in our average NPS score. Here are three tips that led to our success during a year like no other:

1. We started each NEW Customer's Journey with Success

The most powerful software in the world is nothing without the adoption of its users. While many in our industry are seen as vendors, Entelo’s Customer Success team aligns as strategic partners with our customers combining industry-leading best practices from around the world with gamification to drive a high-level of adoption.

Entelo’s implementation for new customers is a vital step along their customer journey and allows us to help our customers achieve their core initiatives as a team from the very beginning.


2. We Listened to our Customers to Improve our Product.

By partnering with Talent Acquisition leaders from customers spanning the globe (and a large portion of the Fortune 500), Entelo listens closely to their feedback on ways to innovate our product. Their ideas and input are vital as we work to make our product easier and more powerful to use.

One example of this input is reflected in the enhancements we made to our Chrome extension toward the end of last year. Users can now find profiles on LinkedIn and quickly access a deeper profile inside Entelo. It also will suggest similar profiles including ones that are not on LinkedIn. Link to blog here.


3. Our Customer Success Team Made It Personal.

Knowing what our customers were going through, our customer success team made sure to go out of our way to say thank you. We sent out a personal note whenever we received a promoter score. This often led to additional information on the success and ROI they were seeing utilizing our Product. When we did get the occasional detractor score, CS leadership extended a personal reach out and more often than not were able to quickly assess and resolve any issues to achieve optimization of the Product. This personal touch allowed us to build an even deeper strategic relationship with our customers and made our days a bit brighter.

In closing, 2020 was a year like none of us have experienced. I want to personally thank our amazing customers for their tireless work to help attract, engage and hire an array of candidates during a global pandemic. We are even more thankful that you chose to partner with Entelo to do so. That partnership and trust to allow us to be part of your interviewing and hiring process is what drives us. The fact that it was reflected in our amazing increase in NPS score was an added bonus.

While we don’t know what’s to come for 2021, what we do know is that we are in this together, every step of them way.