Entelo's 2021 Year in Review

December 29, 2021 at 8:28 AM by Andre Boulais

(Blog) 2021 Retrospective


First, I want to thank our customers for an incredible year.  With so many of us scattered across the world, connected virtually and united by a passion for DEI, we saw you come together leveraging Entelo to source, engage, hire the deepest pool of professional talent on the planet (including 100+ Million not on LinkedIn).   Here are some of Entelo’s key highlights that made 2021 so memorable. 


1. Entelo Led with Technology and Talent Acquisition Thought Leadership

There’s no question that the last 24 months have been some of the most challenging in HR history.  During these unprecedented times, Entelo has continued to serve as a trusted partner to the Fortune 500 and other dynamic companies, with their passion for DEI serving as a critical unifier.  This was especially true in showcasing the innovative techniques that give them the edge over their competitors, including examples from DEI and Sourcing leader Kevin Walters of Amazon sharing his best practices and tips with 400+ TA leaders on a recent Entelo webinar



2. Entelo Continued to Expand an Executive Team Passionately Committed to DEI.  

One of the key drivers that have powered Entelo to be a recognized industry leader in diversity recruitment technology has been to hire an executive team equally passionate about making the world a more equitable place.  We continued to add key leaders in 2021 to help anchor a team that’s driven towards innovating to make a difference in the world.  



3. Entelo’s AI Augmented and Accelerated Global Hiring Goals

Entelo has spent the last decade building the most comprehensive database of over half a billion of the top professionals in the world (think of everyone you want to find on LinkedIn plus 100M more that aren’t on LinkedIn).  This also includes one of the deepest talent pools of underrepresented professionals currently in leadership roles (Over 34 Million in the United States alone).  

Behind the scenes, our patented AI has created unparalleled effectiveness and efficiency to identify and engage in-demand talent.  With employee attrition at an all-time high, 2021 saw Entelo customers leverage our software to gain the edge on their competitors and make game-changing hires while also looking at potential attrition risks for critical roles. 

From predicting if a professional is more likely to move (and engage with) to running custom talent pool insight reports on key market segments, geographies, or competitors, Entelo’s AI was a key member of hundreds of global Talent Acquisition teams.   



In closing, we are incredibly thankful for the opportunities we have daily to partner and drive success across leading talent acquisition teams (see below for the most common words our customers share about partnering with Entelo). 

If 2021 showed anything, it is that today’s recruiting and sourcing teams are not only amazingly adaptable but that we are all stronger together than apart.  Here’s to a safe and happy end of the year for everyone.  And as we turn our eyes towards 2022, I’m happy to say the best is yet to come…


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