Summer of (Customer) Success

September 7, 2021 at 10:52 AM by Andre Boulais


As Entelo’s Vice President of Customer Success, I’m proud that each day our team helps drive DEI strategies around the world. I have the unique role of being immersed in the world of hundreds of innovative customers, including a large portion of the Fortune 500 utilizing Entelo to power sourcing and hiring their most critical hires. In discussing strategies with their Talent Acquisition leadership from all industries and locations worldwide, one thing is certain: TA leaders and their teams are facing one of the busiest summers in recent memory. Not only are there a record number of applicants, but sourcers and recruiters have become one of the most in-demand roles.

I’m excited to share a few ways Entelo has been able to help drive success for our customer’s critical sourcing, recruiting, and hiring initiatives.

1. Aligning strategically with our customers to drive our Net Promoter Score (NPS).

When I joined Entelo, I had spent my entire career leading global talent acquisition teams and building strategic programs across six continents. My number one goal was to reshape our team with a mentality of being experts, both on our industry-leading products and sharing the essential best practices from working alongside so many progressive companies. With so many customers leveraging Entelo as their trusted tool for sourcing and hiring underrepresented groups, our Customer Success team brings years of best practices, including many cultivated from previous roles in Talent Acquisition leadership.


That combination has led us to continue to have one of the highest NPS ratings for any software in our space ( if you’re wondering, it’s currently in between, “Excellent” and “World Class.). This is reflected in what our customers say about us (see below). We’re proud that some of the most common words describing our customers' experience with Entelo are, “Love”, “Diversity”, and “Process”.



2. We are accelerating our customers’ primary goals on a global scale.

Entelo is a primary partner on a global scale for our customer base, and it’s been overwhelming to see the impact our products make. This has been even more apparent during the past 18 months of the global pandemic. Innovative executives and leaders often search for hidden talent pools in markets they haven’t considered before. Entelo helps them uncover these talent pools to make data-driven decisions that accelerate and augment sourcing and hiring for the most in-demand roles in the world. One of my favorite stories is from dynamic sourcing leader, Kim Wilkes sharing how she'd grown her sourcing team from 20 to 90 in the last year showing the power of innovation and technology to achieve success.

Entelos Talent Pool Insights has really helped our team significantly, especially globally. Not even just understanding the market itself, but the diversity within the market. Were asking sourcers globally to run t
3. Bringing together the world’s top TA leaders to share best practices.

One of my biggest takeaways in the past year has been that we are fortunate to work with some of the most progressive and creative minds in talent acquisition. It's our mission to share as many of these best practices with the larger HR ecosystem, so we’re excited to share our upcoming webinar that will focus on Hidden Talent pools and bring together a mix of customers and thought leaders tackling today’s challenges with successful results.



In closing, I am immensely thankful for the opportunity our Customer Success team has on a daily basis to impact the lives of professionals all over the world.  The innovation and adaptation shown by various Talent Acquisition leaders let us continue to partner and grow alongside them during these unprecedented times.  Your success is our success.

Please feel free to connect with me directly on LinkedIn to share ways your teams are innovating or to talk further.