WEBINAR RECAP: Discovering Hidden Talent Pools

September 16, 2021 at 7:00 AM by Laura Davis

Webinar Recap Discovering Hidden Talent Pools (1)

Last week, Entelo hosted a webinar where our panel of experts discussed how the hiring market has drastically shifted with many talent acquisition leaders leveraging technology to tap into new talent pools. Our panelists included Margie Clark, TA Manager and Senior Executive Recruiter at Deluxe Corporation; Priti Sahu, Senior Strategic Sourcer at Intuitive Surgical; and Andre Boulais, Entelo's own VP of Customer Success, who also served as moderator.

Entelo Hidden Talent Pools Webinar (2)

Over the last year and a half, an increasing number of TA leaders have stated that not only has the pandemic transformed their role, but that it has also been one of the most challenging times in their careers. One of the silver linings to this is the amount of insights and best practices that individuals are sharing with the industry and boom of innovation in thinking outside the box, including where to find quality talent.

Entelo Hidden Talent Pools Webinar (1)

At last week's webinar, our panelists did just that. We talked about how and why finding talent is difficult and shared three hidden talent pools (and one bonus pool!). Here are some key takeaways:

Key Takeaways

1. When it comes to hiring from underrepresented groups, your organization must be invested in DE&I initiatives.

"Change starts from within," Priti Sahu states. "A company needs to first define it's definition of diversity and does it really take care of its people and how can it bring [underrepresented talent] to the workplace." Sourcers and recruiters should engage with the hiring manager and delve into the needs and wants for their team. Asking questions and providing talent insights to understand if there are any diversity goals and initiatives can help the hiring team move forward in a strategic way. You can learn more about building an inclusive workforce from a webinar we hosted earlier this year here.

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2. Giving interns meaningful work will have an impactful result for recruiting early-in-career candidates.

Margie Clark is an expert in this area with running programs at her own company. "We meet with the interns regularly to understand what they're working on to ensure that the work that they are doing is meaningful, impactful and challenging," she explains. "An internship program is an excellent way to begin a professional development program [...]." Interns are a great pool of candidates that, after graduation, you can look to hire as not just busy workers, but specialist's with a pre-understanding of the company's industry, values, goals, and dynamics.

3. You're already sitting on a goldmine of candidates that you can re-engage.

"Whether you do a lot of sourcing or not, you literally could have a huge amount of talent in your applicant pool right now that you can come back and look at," Andre Boulais says. Instead of starting from scratch when you re-open a role, take a look at your "silver-medalists" that you've been keeping warm. Andre points out that by doing this "you can cut your time-to-fill from 90 days to possibly 5-7 days and gives you quality hires."

4. Your next great hire could be from hidden talent pool...Indianapolis.

An increasing amount of large tech companies have started looking at Indianapolis and adding a huge amount of jobs or even moving their HQ or building a 2nd HQ there. Just take a look at these stats:

Lastly, thank you to the hundreds in attendance for adding your voice to the conversation during this interactive webinar. If you were unable to make it, or would like to review the information, you can watch the entire discussion here:

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- Team Entelo