WEBINAR RECAP: Data-Driven Diversity Sourcing

Last week, Entelo hosted a webinar where our panelists discussed 1:1 some of the ways to leverage your data findings in your hiring (and retention) efforts. Our experts included Kevin Walters, Lead Diversity L&D Program Manager at Amazon, and Andre Boulais, VP of Customer Success at Entelo,

WEBINAR RECAP: Discovering Hidden Talent Pools

Last week, Entelo hosted a webinar where our panel of experts discussed how the hiring market has drastically shifted with many talent acquisition leaders leveraging technology to tap into new talent pools. Our panelists included Margie Clark, TA Manager and Senior Executive Recruiter at Deluxe Corporation; Priti Sahu, Senior Strategic Sourcer at Intuitive Surgical; and Andre Boulais, Entelo's own VP of Customer Success, who also served as moderator.

3 Partnerships that Power Entelo Insights


Up until now, determining candidate fit meant one thing, detective work. Recruiters are drowning in a sea of open tabs in attempts to unearth a comprehensive view of candidate information. A resume only provides preliminary information, which then sends recruiters down various rabbit holes as they research the validity of qualifications, determine titles and verify claims. Simply, recruiters need to know more and today, sourcing entails knowing everything about a candidate, and that includes company research on their current organization, how much they’re likely to make and the goings on at their current employer.

Infographic: The Science of Recruiting Email Outreach

Have you ever found a great-fit candidate and written them a thoughtful message, only to get hit with a “not interested” or worse yet, complete silence? Unless you have recruiting superpowers, I'd venture to say you have. In fact, as passive talent becomes increasingly inundated with recruiting outreach, response rates have only continued to plummet. 

To remedy this, the Entelo team went to work to determine the tactics and strategy behind the most successful recruiting emails, using the open, click and reply rates of hundreds of thousands of emails sent through Entelo Track. After crunching millions of data points, we’ve determined the do’s and don’t's of recruiting emails. Take a look: