3 Partnerships that Power Entelo Insights

May 14, 2018 at 1:40 PM by Yasmin Zarabi


Up until now, determining candidate fit meant one thing, detective work. Recruiters are drowning in a sea of open tabs in attempts to unearth a comprehensive view of candidate information. A resume only provides preliminary information, which then sends recruiters down various rabbit holes as they research the validity of qualifications, determine titles and verify claims. Simply, recruiters need to know more and today, sourcing entails knowing everything about a candidate, and that includes company research on their current organization, how much they’re likely to make and the goings on at their current employer.

Currently, recruiters are spending 13 hours a week, sourcing for a single role, and that’s time better utilized to work creatively and strategically with individual candidates. Entelo is solving this problem with the launch of our latest product, Entelo Insights.

Entelo Insights displays all the information available about a candidate in one place, making it simple for recruiters to quickly discover candidates, predict their fit and strategize how to turn them into hires. With half a dozen patents in recruiting analytics and AI, and a rich dataset of over 450 million candidates, Entelo is uniquely positioned to bring this revolutionary new product to the market.

To ensure that the insights we’re providing recruiters are meaningful as well as comprehensive, we’ve partnered with Crunchbase, Comparably and Paysa to include actionable information about an individual’s current employer, including recent news, overall employee satisfaction and compensation ranges. This data will empower recruiters to make data driven decisions around candidate fit, resulting in a more efficient recruiting process and higher quality hires.

Encompassing information beyond a candidate’s personal data allows recruiters to have context, making outreach more strategic. Specifically when it comes to salary information. “By partnering with Entelo, Paysa can bring that salary data to recruiters ensuring that they know what the market salaries are for prospective candidates, enabling them to comply with laws being passed around the country which limit them from asking candidate's their salary history,” said Nikhil Raj, Co-founder and Chief Product Office at Paysa. “Paysa's mission is to enable both employers and employees to make the best decisions using Paysa. A key piece of information in enabling them to do so is salaries, both for every candidate at their current job, and every job that they are being being interviewed for.”

In addition to salary information, recruiters benefit from knowing inside information about a candidate’s current employer. From financial standing to that company’s overall employee satisfaction this information is key to determining if a candidate is a good fit and would be willing to hear from a recruiter.

"Any smart business person does research before reaching out to a new company, which is why millions of professionals use Crunchbase to get the latest news and financial information about various organizations,” said Jager McConnell, CEO of Crunchbase. “We’re glad to offer this actionable company data within the Entelo platform so that recruiters can save time on manual research and quickly and easily strategize their approach to make strategic hires.”

This data not only helps recruiters source, it can also be utilized to develop strategic approach to engaging with candidates. “People visit Comparably to find out information about company culture, employee sentiment and leadership ratings,” explained Jason Nazar co-founder and CEO of Comparably. “By partnering with Entelo, we’re able to fold this information directly into a candidate’s existing profile, making it simple for employers to strategize a competitive approach that will pique a candidate’s interest in their own organization.”

With these partnerships, Entelo is able to streamline the recruiting process and end the days of endless tabs by offering all the information recruiters need, in one centralized place. Learn more about Entelo Insights here and bring your recruiting strategy into this new era.