The Ultimate Guide to 2016 Recruiting and HR Conferences

Ah, trade shows. The breakout sessions. The networking. The GoPro giveaways. With so many to choose from, how do you find the perfect event that's right up your alley and right within your budget? You guessed it. Your dear friends at Entelo are here to help.

The Best Tech Literacy Tools for Non-Technical Recruiters

It’s a recruiting fact of life: hiring for technical roles is a slog. Beyond the core difficult of finding enough talented candidates, you also must endlessly parse Stackoverflow and Github pages, and figure out what “code ninja” ever actually means. Once you’ve gotten through that rigmarole, how do you know if your candidates are the real deal or not? A recruiter who doesn’t know the difference between Ruby and Python is gonna get played. So, what is a non-technical recruiter recruiting for technical roles supposed to do? Learn some basic technical skills, duh. Here’s how.

Elusive Enterprise Sales Reps and Where to Find Them

There's nothing hard or novel about saying how difficult it is to recruit software engineers. Everyone is looking for them, they are hard to get a hold of, and the supply falters far short of the demand. Being the adaptable and well-rounded recruiter you are, though, there are a slew of roles across each department you're looking to fill, and finding a couple programmers isn't going to solve all your problems. 

5 Habits Every Recruiter Needs for Killer Results

“All our life is a mass of habits,” wrote philosopher William James. Habits, both good and bad, play a powerful role in our lives. Consider your habits at the office? Coffee, Facebook, check email, read the news, grab a snack. Which actively contribute to your success or inhibit it? Now, wipe the slate clean, because we’ve got five daily habits to drive your productivity and keep you recruiting like a rockstar.

The Answers to Five Newbie Recruiter Questions You Might Have Been Too Embarrassed to Ask

No one ever wants to be that person out of the loop – the one who couldn’t tell the difference between a Git fork and Git clone, the number of characters in a tweet, or the definition of a lead.

Fear not: It happens to the best of us sometimes. Keeping track of every new website, innovation, or theory is impossible. To help you avoid that awkward moment next time, here are the answers to a few questions you may have not have wanted to ask your coworkers.

Lever's Recruiting Director on Hiring for Culture Fit Versus Likeability

Of all the wonders of the hiring world, gauging a candidate's cultural fit could very easily placed near the top of the list. Every company has a recognizable culture, but defining that culture differs person to person. Cultural fit is, in part, founded on an org's desired employee attitudes and behaviors – how people conduct themselves and communicate with others – and desired traits of one team may not be the same as another's.

What's even more complex is understanding how people outside the company can thrive in and contribute to the prized work environment your team has carefully and thoughtfully cultivated. Recruiters often defer to a candidate's alignment to the company's core values as a benchmark for cultural fit, but a candidate who believes in these values doesn't necessarily translate into an employee who will execute accordingly.

Vetting a candidate's resume is the first step, but how do recruiters assess the skills and qualifications that aren't on paper?