Recruiters, Here’s How to Incentivize Your Hiring Process

Talent pros are familiar with the notorious roadblock between recruiters and hiring managers. At its center is the push and pull between hiring the best people for a team and understanding the reality of available talent pools. 

The candidate handoff from hiring manager to recruiter has been reduced to simply creating a list of open reqs and a list of potential candidates. The result? An unnecessary delay in hiring people. 

Calibrating your recruiters and managers doesn’t have to feel like a one-sided battle. Try these on for size.

3 Candidate Mistakes That Should Make You End The Interview

You want to give your candidates the benefit of the doubt throughout the interview process, digging for context, following up with unlisted references, and otherwise trying to paint a full picture of who they are as a professional. There are however a few red flags that should do more than raise your eyebrows. Here’s a few deal breakers that should make you consider pulling the rip cord on the entire process. 

Quantifying the Candidate Experience

Any talent pro who’s been in the space for some time has heard the perpetual push for creating a better candidate experience. 

To start, a recruiter’s warm, engaging outreach to a candidate, an efficient interviewing process, an informative onboarding process have all been cited as quick fixes hiring teams can make to improve the candidate experience. Each interaction with someone at the company builds a first impression – how the team communicates with each other, how the team prioritizes hiring and developing relationships with people. 

Measuring candidate experience, however, can be a bit of a grey area for recruiters. How can teams evaluate experience in the hiring process? Here are four questions to consider. 

3 Fundamental Tools for Successful Tech Recruiting

Making the successful transition into a tech recruiter doesn't require a former life as an engineer or developer. The search for tech talent is one of the industry's most difficult challenges to crack, and hiring pros might even equate finding this niche market to learning another language.

If you're looking to take on the mission of hiring one of the most in-demand, tough-to-find talent pools, consider these starting points. 

Getting Your Team to Give Meaningful Interview Feedback

Once you’ve done your job finding, contacting, psyching up, and scheduling your candidate, you may find yourself in the anxiety-laden position of sitting back and letting the team make the decision. Once you’ve passed off the candidate, you want to make sure they’re in the best position to succeed, and part of that is ensuring your own team is in the best position to complete an accurate assessment. Here are some ways your friends here at Entelo go about making sure we get a comprehensive view of candidates.

Get Greater Visibility into Recruiting Performance with Entelo's Reporting

We’re always looking for ways to help our recruiters and talent teams improve their operations. With a nod to our most data-driven customers, including Zenefits, Medallia, and Thumbtack, we’re pleased to share the latest enhancements to Entelo’s reporting and analytics: