How to Hire Your Future Workforce

The ability to access people is becoming as important as keeping them.

With everchanging candidate demands, the fraying relationship between employees and employers makes it even more challenging to build a sustainable work model.

What's to come for the future of work? Entelo joined the stage with Deloitte, GLG, BrightRoll, and Bloomberg at the Milken Institute's Global Conference to find out. Here’s what we learned.

Here's Exactly How Developers Want to Be Recruited

Tech talent are a tricky bunch. Their skillset can be hard to grasp given a non-technical background, making it difficult to talk shop with them on a meaningful
level. Most of them aren't actively looking for jobs and are happy at their current role. And the worst part is that a handful of lazy people are making the truly great recruiters -- that's you, dear reader -- look bad with their awful spam messaging. As Recruiters, you can strategize all you want about the best way to engage with Developers. But at the end of the day, what better way to learn how to recruit Developers than straight from the horse's mouth, or in this case, straight from the Developer's fingers?

That's what I did when I took to HackerNews, an active, Reddit-like site aggregator explicity for tech news whose userbase is the technical talent listed above. I asked them how they'd prefer to be recruited given the site's general distate for talent professionals, and they were more than happy to indulge my curiosity. Here's what I learned.

Announcing the Winners of the World's Greatest Sourcer Competition

It’s over – the World’s Greatest Sourcer Competition is finally complete!

After much tallying, reading, and rereading more than 700 entries from hiring pros worldwide, we’re excited to announce this year’s winners, Michael Stanley and Ralitsa Burneva.

Interview Balancing Act: Candidate Experience vs. Assessment

A great interviewer wields two quite different superpowers: Creating a fantastic candidate experience (merchandising/selling) and assessing the candidate’s alignment with the target profile.

These superpowers can be broken down into a few components that are each easy to implement with a little preparation.

Top Tools for Managing Pipelines: A Guide for Startups

At startups, pipelines are lifeblood.

If you're part of a small company, you probably have at least two pipelines right now: investors and recruiting. And many startups, especially SaaS and enterprise software companies, have a third pipeline: sales. Manage those pipelines well and you’re on the road to great success.

Over time at Entelo, we’ve talked to hundreds of companies about their pipelines (primarily their recruiting pipelines) and we’ve discovered some cool tools people are using to keep their pipelines healthy. Whether your primary function is selling, recruiting or raising capital, these are well worth looking at.

3 Key Roles to Run a Recruiting Powerhouse

So you’ve decided to get serious about recruiting. No more random emails or chance encounters at events. You are going to build your own recruiting team, the
hire that keeps on hiring

What you will see is that there are 3 different major personality types needed to run an effective recruiting organization. Here is who they are and what you need to look for: