Lively Discussion on Measuring Sourcer Performance

When it comes to impacting workflows, priorities, and the day-to-day focus of your team, the single most important factor is incentive. Here, I don't mean compensation or belief in the company mission. Rather, what ultimate metrics are used to assess a team member's efficacy?

Candidate Enablement: 3 Ways to Prep Applicants to Nail the Interview

Preparing for an interview is often left entirely to candidates, but we argue recruiters also play a crucial role in equipping people with the resources to understand a company and their role. 

If a high number of candidates are falling out of the hiring process early on, there could be something wrong with your interview process. Personalization doesn’t end in the outreach stage. Try out these three strategies to speed up hiring, prepare interviewees, and create a better candidate experience. 

Are Your Job Descriptions Full of Unconscious Biases? These Tools Can Tell You

We make great effort here on the ol' Entelo blog to provide value to those purveyors of talent who must find, qualify, engage, and ultimately attract great people to their organizations. Sourcing new individuals and getting people excited about a company they may not have even known existed is no pedestrian task, which is why you see so much material here about outbound recruiting processes. Lest we forget the other side of adding talent, I'll happily take a rare foray into the inbound funnel -- the process by which talent comes to you.

How Curiosity Found Your Next Sales Hire

Past the impressive resume and sales numbers, breaking through the interview to tell the difference between a candidate good at selling themselves and a candidate who’ll bring repeated success can be a shot in the dark.

SourceCon 2015 Conference Round Up! 

Jeremy Roberts and the folks over at SourceCon put on a few excellent events each year, and this time around, yours truly was lucky enough to attend. Aside from finally getting to shake hands with the amazing recruiters I had only before chatted with via our podcast or email, there were a flurry of exciting panels and breakout sessions serving to help sourcers and recruiters turn over new stones in their talent acquisition processes. I particularly love SourceCon because the event isn't there to sell you something, but rather to build community and genuinely help people become better at their jobs. To that effect, here are some key takeaways from the event as told by Twitter and the blogosphere.

Why You Haven't Yet Found the Best Person for the Job

The push for workplace diversity is no new tale. It's not a race or a numbers game, either.

But defining your hiring strategy as finding the best person for the job? Ashley Doyal says you're missing the point.