To Tweet or Not to Tweet? A Discussion on Social Recruiting Nuances

The notion of social recruiting has already enjoyed quite an illustrious lifecycle.  It's been praised as the next big thing in recruitment, lambasted as a fad, and shrugged at as just another tool. Even if you're don't believe it's the harbinger of a recruiting revolution and will forever change the way you do your job, candidates are still putting their professional selves out there, and their social footprint is a great way to find, qualify, and built rapport with potential hires.

The Recruiter's Checklist: 5 Questions to Ask Before Hitting Send

Hammering out dozens of emails to candidates every day is no easy feat, so finding a rhythm and flow that works is comparable to discovering a gem.

Like most talent pros who make the extra effort to test out a variety of outreach styles, you hold on to what works. There are likely at least two templates you alternate for each role. You’ve got go-to phrases you plug every few lines or so. There’s a honed conciseness that works better with certain candidates. Alternatively, storytelling connects more with others.

No matter what you’re changing out to improve open and response rates, there comes a time when your outreach hits a plateau and your team breaches writer’s block. Hitting refresh on the inbox yields squat, talent pools start looking bone dry, the office sees less interview action. Sound familiar?

Summer’s edge (now) could be the right time to revamp your candidate outreach techniques. Use this checklist to measure what’s working and what’s not working.

Let Me Tell You Why Your Job Descriptions Are Awful

"A positive self starter who needs minimum oversight."

"Proactive and demonstrates sound judgment in managing multiple tasks and requests"

"Growth potential."

The above are to job descriptions as "excellent communication skills" are to resumes. They're essentially space fillers, claims based on having nothing else to say, and they don't actually add anything of real evaluative utility. If you want to attract relevant, qualified candidates, you need to have detailed job descriptions devoid of fluff. Let's go through a few ways to optimize your job descriptions and attract only the candidates you want.

Merit Based Interviewing and Building Engineering Culture

 Great news, Recruiters! Hiring On All Cylinders has taken the to ether once more, this time joined by the illustrious Engineer-turned-Recruiter, Aline Lerner. Aline's just started a new company,, aimed at making the interview process more merit-based via an exciting double-blind interview tool. Aline shoots from the hip while having the data to back up some exciting takeaways that run counter to traditional recruiting wisdom, and we sat down to chat about her new company and much much more.

6 Steps for a Speedy, Successful Sourcing Session

You’ve done it all to get ready for the upcoming hiring season, and despite all the prep work, no to-do list in the world could’ve braced you for all the other tasks and projects that somehow squeezed their way onto your plate. Now you’re stuck with a zillion open roles and a less than impressive pipeline, and somehow, you still have just one pair of hands.

Sound familiar? Your team – sourcers, hiring managers, or not – is just the backup arsenal you need in this battle for the best, the war of talent, as most folks call it. No worries if they’ve never sourced before. Wearing extra hats and stepping outside comfort zones hardly hurt anyone, and a quick sourcing session can help the team get a sense of what to look for in hireable, skilled colleagues.

We recommend trying this six-step formula for the short notice, ad hoc sourcing session that could very well be a recurring (fun) event.

Developers Read Bad Recruiting Emails [VIDEO]

It's no secret that top technical talent receive a torrential amount of emails and Inmails requesting their services. They range all the way from personal, tailored, and informational, to nonsensical, broken, and irrelevant. Kudos to the devoted Recruiters taking their time and sending the first instance, but let's all be honest, there's nothing funny about a great recruiting email.