Why Transparency Builds a Positive Candidate Experience

Quick exercise: Name one thing you could do today, with almost no cost and no time required to implement, that will have an immediate, positive impact on your recruiting organization.

Stumped? Here’s the feedback we hear all the time from candidates interviewing for roles at Entelo.

Entelo CEO Jon Bischke on How to Nail Candidate Experience and Employee Retention

At Entelo, we live and breathe recruitment. Finding and hiring great people isn't just the cornerstone of what we’re building. Great people are the foundation of great companies – it's the lifeblood of how we work together.

Given our internal obsession with talent, our friends at HubSpot tapped our very own Jon Bischke to join their podcast, The Growth Show, which features leaders working to grow companies, movements, ideas, and teams. Jon and host Kipp Bodnar, HubSpot’s CMO, met at Entelo headquarters to discuss the common pitfalls ensnaring hiring managers, and what organizations can do to prioritize hiring and retention.

Pandora’s Principal Sourcer Talks Reshaping Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

After almost 10 years unearthing talent for the likes of Pandora and Google, Marvin Stickel has seen it all in tech sourcing – from the evolution of the candidate vetting process, to the cultural shift in diversity hiring in Silicon Valley.

Pandora's principal sourcer joins this week's Hiring On All Cylinders to chat about his top challenges at the organization, lessons learned sourcing engineers at Google, and why he sometimes worries recruiting is too focused on ticking boxes.

Entelo Stack is Now Integrated with iCIMS Recruit

Today, we’re pleased to announce Entelo’s latest partnership with iCIMS. Our inbound recruiting solution, Entelo Stack, now works with iCIMS Recruit to help talent teams automate their applicant review process and discover best-fit candidates. This integration represents combining two best-of-breed solutions to help talent teams more efficiently track and organize their candidate pools – all within the tools they’re currently using.
iCIMS Recruit is already complemented by Entelo Search, and we couldn’t be happier to add Entelo Stack to the mix. 

Entelo Welcomes Director of Engineering Colleen Noonan

We're excited to welcome Colleen Noonan as Entelo Director of Engineering! Coming from tech roles at Yahoo, CNET, Aspera, and Spongecell, she brings a variety of leadership experience to the Entelo team. 

We were able to grab some time with Colleen to learn about her work, how she's solving hiring teams' biggest challenges, and what she does to stay mindful and innovative.

How College Recruiting Can Fuel Diversity Hiring

The business case for diversity is as clear cut as it gets: Diverse teams perform better. But building a diverse team is often easier said than done.

In reality, it’s a challenge many companies face, especially when hiring teams often find themselves going after the same handful of experienced people trying to improve their diversity. There’s nothing wrong with hiring experienced individuals from diverse backgrounds, in fact, it’s commendable. But it’s also hard to scale since it’s focused on an inherently finite talent pool.