How to Scale Your Team Like Google and Facebook

Talent pros are no strangers to the challenges of building a pipeline of qualified candidates. Diversity, company culture, budget, and retention make up just the tip of the iceberg. Leading a whole hiring team is a different ballgame, and anyone in the space knows hiring and managing is more of an art than a juggling act. Marissa Huang is a paragon for both. 

As Thumbtack's director of talent and first in-house recruiter, Marissa made over 80 hires in a little over a year. At Facebook, she led recruiting for all of Instagram. She was also ranked in the top 3 percentile of sourcers during her time at Google. These days, she's heading talent at Figma, ready to do it all over again. What's the secret?  

Marissa recently visited the Entelo office for an upcoming episode of Hiring On All Cylinders (tune in here!) armed with a solid hiring playbook. So we took notes. Here's what she had to say.

Workforce Game Changer List Awards 25 HR Innovators


Each year, the fine folks over at Workforce assemble their Workforce Game Changers list, an award given out to the top innovators with regard to HR, people management, recruitment, employee engagement and development. This year’s list has just been released, and it’s a real who’s who when it comes to HR movers and shakers.

Here's Why Your Talent Funnel is All Filler, No Killer

The talent gap is a scary place on the map hiring pros use to hunt down candidates. 

If that’s not enough of a cringeworthy metaphor, this iCIMS stat should shake you up: 80% of recruiters think they have a high understanding of the jobs they’re recruiting for. Here’s how 61% of hiring managers responded: “Nope!”  

The disjointed recruiter-manager relationship has notoriously been cited as one of the causes for bottleneck in the hiring process. Managers spend most of their time reviewing resumes. Time-to-hire is a relatively squishy metric, but if a majority of the hiring process is spent reviewing resumes, teams need to reevaluate the quality of their candidate pools. 

Recruiters quickly pick up the ability to sift through candidates, but without reviewing the remaining candidates with hiring managers, there’s a higher chance recruiters will need to hit Restart on the search. Evaluation can’t be a one-sided process.   

Here’s a start: Apply these four pre-hiring assessment techniques to train your team to have a better eye for the types of people the company wants to hire. 

Crowdsource Your Sourcing with These Team Recruiting Techniques

As a recruiter, it can often feel like the weight of recruiting is firmly and all-encompassingly upon your shoulders. While this is fair to a degree, there are plenty of times where it's better for you not to be a hero. The team you're building is just that--your team--and if you can loop them in to your recruiting world, you'll not only alleviate the stress of hiring for multiple roles, but find better candidates too. Recently, the Head of Global Talent and Operations for Jen Boulanger (oops, I dropped something. I think it was a name.) told me "Recruiting takes a village". We feel the same way over at Entelo, and here are a few ways we've gone about involving the whole team in talent acquisition.

4 Skills Talent Pros Need to Recruit and Keep Their Best People

By now, you’ve probably heard the broken record illustrating the Venn diagram of recruitment, hiring, marketing and sales, and whether you think it’s overplayed or revolutionary, or both, the model reigns true and relevant to any modern talent pro.

Approach hiring like a pro in the space you’re hiring for makes a difference in who you find and how you recruit and engage people. This skills list we came up with is practical, manageable, and timeless. Any recruiting tool can speed up the hunt, but what are you doing after you’ve honed in on who you could hire?

Consider this a running start.