How Not to Turn Off Candidates While You’re Out of the Office

Before checking out and going off the grid this holiday season, remember to foolproof your recruiting from veering away candidates.

Here's your checklist for continuing to grow your talent pool, even while you’re on vacation.

It's High Time to Hire a Recruiting Coordinator. Here's What to Look For.

We've had the privilege to speak with all manner of recruiting pros, themselves at various stages of the career ladder -- Heads of Talent, Sourcers, Senior Tech Recruiters, you name it. And while they each have unique challenges and responsibilities, there is routinely one center overlapping area on the venn diagram that is their daily grind. No matter what roles they are hiring for, the size of their company, or how senior they are, every talent acquisition pro will sing the praises of their Recruiting Coordinators. 

The Problem with "Trapdooring" Candidates During On Site Interviews

One great fear among the multiplicitious and ever present recruiting nightmares is the "trapdoored" candidate. Your hiring manager brings a candidate on site only for the team to want to eject them before they've met the full interviewing panel. A couple early "Definite No" scorecards can tempt both recruiters and hiring managers to pull the rip cord and send someone home early, but as I'm sure you'll come to agree, trapdooring candidates represents a failure on the company's part, in addition to presenting the interviewee with a reprehensible candidate experience. Here's why your organization should stop trapdooring, and how you can go about eliminating it.

Interview Load Balancing with Greenhouse's Caitlin Wilterdink

O Brave New World

That has such ATS in't.


The Applicant Tracking System has come a long way over the past few decades. Far beyond just a way to monitor candidates at every stage of the hiring funnel, they now offer advanced analytics and tracking information to provide your organization with crucial insights into your recruiting process.

Naturally, Recruiters at these ATS companies are taking full advantage of their own tools. When Greenhouse's Recruiting Manager Caitlin Wilterdink joined us on Hiring On All Cylinders, we were able to get an insider's view on the organization's recruiting process. This spanned from the kick off meetings they have for newly opened roles, through the obvious of how they themselves use their tool, to the projection of recruiting capacity based on historic funnel data. 

How to Get Candidates to Like You and Respond to Your Emails

Recruiter’s block: Noun, phrase. The condition of being unable to think of how to recruit people or how to proceed with recruiting. 

No matter how long you’ve been in the space, you may have already hit the dreaded recruiting wall. A waning talent funnel. Snubbed emails. Dead open and response rates. Getting lost in the shuffle of competing companies is a common hiring nightmare. 

Then comes flattery – express appeal, leverage, then negotiate. Try these three moves to stand out from the long list of contenders.

Entelo Named to JMP Securities Hot 100 List

We are excited to announce Entelo has been named to the JMP Securities list of the Hot 100: The Best Privately Held Software Companies for 2015!

The JMP Securities Hot 100 list, in its seventh year of production, highlights software companies based on exceptional financial growth, leadership quality, product and service innovation, customer traction, and market potential.