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Encouraging Diversity and Inclusion with New Unbiased Sourcing Mode

The human brain is built for bias. To efficiently process a large amount of information quickly, the brain creates categories and ties personal associations and perceptions to those categories. This process happens subconsciously and usually without malintent.  

Left unchecked, unconscious bias can have negative implications when it comes to the way companies hire. Even with the best intentions and the most experienced recruiters, unconscious bias can creep into the sourcing process, resulting in certain candidates gaining an advantage in the hiring process for the wrong reasons and thwarting opportunities for other candidates that may be the right fit for the job.

Entelo Named to 2018 JMP Hot 100

Entelo was just named one of the 2018 Hot 100 best privately held software companies by JMP Securities, a San Francisco-based investment firm.

The Problem with Resumes and Keyword Searches

When initiating a sourcing project, what is the first thing recruiters do? Often the search begins with a long boolean string, jam packed with keywords. Recruiters start this way because it helps to identify potential prospects, however this approach is fundamentally flawed. Keyword searches only identify candidates that have added those keywords to their resumes and professional profiles themselves. Therefore, this system gives preferential treatment to individuals who feel comfortable listing additional keywords and thwarts opportunities for those that are more humble. In fact, men tend to have 16% more keywords on their resume compared to women for the same role and the same experience, according to Entelo data.  

Podcast: Candidates as Customers

“The recruiting playbook has fundamentally shifted. There is a generation of recruiters that needs to change and evolve,” NN Srinivas, senior director, head of management recruitment for the America's at Cognizant said.

NN and Ladonna Tucker, head of global talent acquisition digital strategy & transformation at Schneider Electric joined us on the Hiring on All Cylinders podcast to share their thoughts on the ways talent acquisition is changing and how to best prepare and adapt to this new world.  

Announcing Hiring Manager Candidate Review Queue

Today we’re excited to announce the new Hiring Manager Candidate Review Queue for more seamless collaboration between recruiters and hiring managers.

Here at Entelo, it’s important to us that our product enables recruiting teams to hire the best talent for their companies. Whether that means finding the best candidates with ease, sending better emails, generating diverse candidate pools or making cross-functional participation in the hiring process seamless. Entelo is the recruiting automation technology recruiters use to achieve their hiring goals faster than ever before.

Welcoming Leaders Across Executive Team, Board of Directors and Advisory Board

As Entelo reinvents the way companies identify, qualify and engage talent, we’re excited to welcome new faces to our leadership team. Adding these key leaders will help push our company and the industry into the future, and help us make recruiting a better place for all.

“Finding the right people is one of the most challenging problems organizations face today,” said Jon Bischke, CEO of Entelo. “Our team is not exempt from these challenges, so I’m pleased to have these talented individuals join the Entelo family. By bringing on these exceptional leaders, I’m more confident than ever in our ability to make the right decisions to scale Entelo to new heights.”

Meet our new leaders that are joining the team to drive us toward our goal of improving the way companies hire.