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Podcast: Candidates as Customers

“The recruiting playbook has fundamentally shifted. There is a generation of recruiters that needs to change and evolve,” NN Srinivas, senior director, head of management recruitment for the America's at Cognizant said.

NN and Ladonna Tucker, head of global talent acquisition digital strategy & transformation at Schneider Electric joined us on the Hiring on All Cylinders podcast to share their thoughts on the ways talent acquisition is changing and how to best prepare and adapt to this new world.  

Announcing Hiring Manager Candidate Review Queue

Today we’re excited to announce the new Hiring Manager Candidate Review Queue for more seamless collaboration between recruiters and hiring managers.

Here at Entelo, it’s important to us that our product enables recruiting teams to hire the best talent for their companies. Whether that means finding the best candidates with ease, sending better emails, generating diverse candidate pools or making cross-functional participation in the hiring process seamless. Entelo is the recruiting automation technology recruiters use to achieve their hiring goals faster than ever before.

Welcoming Leaders Across Executive Team, Board of Directors and Advisory Board

As Entelo reinvents the way companies identify, qualify and engage talent, we’re excited to welcome new faces to our leadership team. Adding these key leaders will help push our company and the industry into the future, and help us make recruiting a better place for all.

“Finding the right people is one of the most challenging problems organizations face today,” said Jon Bischke, CEO of Entelo. “Our team is not exempt from these challenges, so I’m pleased to have these talented individuals join the Entelo family. By bringing on these exceptional leaders, I’m more confident than ever in our ability to make the right decisions to scale Entelo to new heights.”

Meet our new leaders that are joining the team to drive us toward our goal of improving the way companies hire.

Video: Josh Bersin on Recruiting Automation

The most progressive leaders in talent acquisition at world-class organizations, along with analysts, authors and technology experts will all meet in San Francisco this week at The Recruiting Automation Summit to discuss how recruiting teams can harness the power of AI, machine learning and predictive analytics.

One of those leaders in talent acquisition that we’re so excited to hear from is Josh Bersin, principal and founder of Bersin by Deloitte. He’ll discuss the rise of the individual in the world of work. Hear more about his presentation from Josh Bersin himself in this video:

Entelo Named Best Place to Work by SF Business Times

Once again, Entelo is honored to be named one of the Bay Area’s Best Places to Work, this time from The San Francisco Business Times. These awards means so much to us because the results come straight from the people who know us best, our own employees. To qualify for this SF Business Times award, Bay Area employees were asked to rate their company on a variety of factors, including leadership, team dynamics, personal engagement and satisfaction. The results are in, and Entelo is thrilled to be ranked among the best.

Furthering Our Commitment to Security, Entelo Achieves SOC 2 Type II Certification

Last month, we shared many of the steps Entelo has taken to ensure user privacy and the security of all data within our network. Today, we are delighted to announce another step forward. Entelo has earned its Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type II certification. This designation was awarded based on our demonstrated ability to safeguard customer data over time and for the operating effectiveness of the controls Entelo put into place. It builds on our existing SOC 2 Type I certification.

Infographic: Recruiting Automation Landscape

The number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits hasn’t been this low in nearly 45 years, according to the February 2018 Labor Department report. As the labor market tightens, expectations of faster wage growth are on the rise and the competition for talent stiffens. Recruiters like you need every tool at your disposal to navigate this highly competitive terrain, and today, those tools are more complicated than ever before. As the HR technology market grows, and more players join the space, we’re seeing a new category emerge called, “recruiting automation.”

Infographic: The Science of Recruiting Email Outreach

Have you ever found a great-fit candidate and written them a thoughtful message, only to get hit with a “not interested” or worse yet, complete silence? Unless you have recruiting superpowers, I'd venture to say you have. In fact, as passive talent becomes increasingly inundated with recruiting outreach, response rates have only continued to plummet. 

To remedy this, the Entelo team went to work to determine the tactics and strategy behind the most successful recruiting emails, using the open, click and reply rates of hundreds of thousands of emails sent through Entelo Track. After crunching millions of data points, we’ve determined the do’s and don’t's of recruiting emails. Take a look:

Celebrate With Us at International Smoke

It’s an exciting week at Entelo! We’re launching a new product and you’re invited to celebrate!

What Is Recruiting Automation And Why Is There A Summit About It?

Buzzwords like ‘artificial intelligence’ and ‘automation’ get thrown around in recruiting, but there’s a lot of confusion about the role these technologies play in the recruiting process and how they will shape the future of hiring. To learn more about the emerging trend of recruiting automation and Entelo’s upcoming Recruiting Automation Summit, we caught up with Entelo CMO, Mike Trigg and Head of PR, Lisa Holden on this week’s episode of Hiring on All Cylinders.

Billy Beane to Keynote The Recruiting Automation Summit

Talent acquisition leaders have navigated many changes to this industry, just throughout the past decade – and there are plenty of HR conferences and events to prove it. But despite all the noise around talent acquisition, hiring and the talent wars, no single event focuses on the nexus of artificial intelligence, machine learning and recruiting.

As job boards, social recruiting, recruitment marketing and other buzzwords become best practices, find out what the next trends are before they become mainstream by registering for the Recruiting Automation Summit today.

How to Build Amazing Teams with NCAA Athletes

Every company wants to hire go-getters who play to win and thrive in high-pressure competitive environments – but where do you find those candidates and how to you test for that skill set during the interview process? To find out, Entelo sat down with Enterprise Sales Development Rep, Lariel Powell, to hear how her days as a student athlete prepared her for the world of work.