The Problem with Resumes and Keyword Searches

August 1, 2018 at 10:00 AM by Team Entelo

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When initiating a sourcing project, what is the first thing recruiters do? Often the search begins with a long boolean string, jam packed with keywords. Recruiters start this way because it helps to identify potential prospects, however this approach is fundamentally flawed. Keyword searches only identify candidates that have added those keywords to their resumes and professional profiles themselves. Therefore, this system gives preferential treatment to individuals who feel comfortable listing additional keywords and thwarts opportunities for those that are more humble. In fact, men tend to have 16% more keywords on their resume compared to women for the same role and the same experience, according to Entelo data.  

Luckily, Entelo technology is smart enough to take the onus off the recruiter and instead of forcing complicated keyword searches, highlights career accomplishments, giving all qualified candidates a fair shake at showing up in candidate searches.

Entelo Insights is designed to deliver a complete picture of each candidate, boosting opportunities for employers to access full candidate pools and match the right talent with the right role, while mitigating unconscious bias along the way.
Developed with extensive feedback from customers, Entelo Insights delivers a wide variety of candidate-specific insights intuitively summarized in an intelligent candidate profile. To ensure recruiters are getting a comprehensive picture of candidates, we’ve partnered with CrunchBase, Comparably and Paysa, to share actionable information about an individual’s current employer, including recent news, overall employee satisfaction and compensation ranges. This is in addition to current offerings within Entelo like how likely the candidate is to change jobs, diversity indicators and search match. The complete list of Candidate Insights includes:
Search Match: shows how well each candidate aligns with a given set of search criteria, based on dozens of predictive variables, such as skill relevancy.

Company Fit: estimates fit with an organization, based on dozens of variables, including industry and past employers.

Career Progression: maps a candidate’s career timeline, promotion rates and growth projections.

Company Insights: displays the candidate’s past and current employers, and reveals pertinent information like company culture score, salary range and company financials.

Candidate Highlights: showcases insights into a candidates’ key achievements, strengths and credentials.

Diversity Candidates: highlights individuals from underrepresented groups based on gender, ethnicity and veteran status, directly from within Entelo’s broader Search platform.

More Likely to Move: analyzes dozens of predictive variables to surface those who are more receptive to new opportunities. More Likely To Move™ candidates are twice as likely to move to a new job within the next 90 days.

Talent Pool Insights: delivers interactive and up-to-date insights reveal the pools with the most skilled candidates for open positions.