Introducing "Recruiting Automation For Dummies"

August 28, 2018 at 9:25 AM Team Entelo

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Traditional recruiting isn’t going to cut it anymore. Entelo customers and other recruiting automation experts know that in order to get ahead, employers must think outside the box when it comes to engaging top talent. Today we’re happy to share our latest resource to help recruiters get ahead of the competition and hire more efficiently.

"Recruiting Automation For Dummies, an Entelo Special Edition eBook," helps companies understand how to utilize new technologies to give every recruiter a promotion, while streamlining work that typically takes days down to minutes. Written by Entelo CMO, Mike Trigg, "Recruiting Automation For Dummies" is designed to help recruiters better understand AI, machine learning and predictive analytics and learn how they can be leveraged in the form of recruiting automation technologies, to recruit high quality talent, at scale.


"The recruiting process has been far too manual and labor intensive for far too long,” said CMO of Entelo and author of 'Recruiting Automation For Dummies,' Mike Trigg. “Recruiting automation elevates the role of every recruiter, helping them become more strategic and successful in one of the most competitive hiring environments in history. This book offers an easy-to-understand introduction to these new technologies, as well as practical tips for applying them to your recruiting process."

Recruiting automation tools bring recruiting into the modern age. Marketing and sales functions already harness automation technologies to augment their workflows, allowing them to focus on the nuanced and strategic parts of their jobs, while automation tools take care of the more manual and tedious pieces. With the rise of recruiting automation, the time has come for recruiters to work more efficiently and achieve loftier goals than they ever before. This free eBook is the first step to learning and implementing recruiting automation for your organization.

In "Recruiting Automation For Dummies," we cover:

• How recruiting automation is changing talent acquisition 

• How to implement recruiting automation technologies 

• How leading companies are using recruiting automation to achieve lofty hiring goals 

Be sure to download your copy today to get bring your recruiting practice into this new era.