Entelo Named to 2018 JMP Hot 100

August 7, 2018 at 9:35 AM Team Entelo

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Entelo was just named one of the 2018 Hot 100 best privately held software companies by JMP Securities, a San Francisco-based investment firm.

The Hot 100 private software companies are selected by the firm’s Equity Research team based on financial growth, products and services, quality of leadership, customers and market potential, amongst other criteria.

This year’s theme, ethics of AI and machine learning in enterprise software, speaks to the core of what Entelo represents. Entelo applies intelligence to big data to help modern recruiters identify, qualify and engage talent faster and easier than ever before. With features that not only increase recruiter productivity, but also enable recruiters to build diverse talent pools and decrease unconscious bias in sourcing, Entelo is applying AI and machine learning to initiatives that are driven by ethics.

“JMP’s theme for the 2018 Hot 100 speaks to the revolution sweeping over the SaaS market, particularly in the recruiting space,” said Entelo CEO, Jon Bischke. “We are entering the age of recruiting automation, where more manual and time-consuming tasks and processes are being automated to save recruiters valuable time and resources.”

Sales and marketing functions are already augmenting their workflows using automation technology so they can focus on the more nuanced and strategic parts of their jobs. Now recruiting is evolving in a similar way.

“I see Entelo, alongside other companies on the JMP Hot 100 List, at the forefront of AI and machine learning for the recruiting space, and we’re doing it in a way that maintains ethics at the core of everything we do,” Bischke said.

Entelo was previously recognized on the Hot 100 List in 2017 and this year is joined by other high-performing privately held software companies like HireVue, BambooHR, iCIMS, Gusto and Reflektive.