Announcing Hiring Manager Candidate Review Queue

July 25, 2018 at 9:09 AM by Team Entelo

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Today we’re excited to announce the new Hiring Manager Candidate Review Queue for more seamless collaboration between recruiters and hiring managers.

Here at Entelo, it’s important to us that our product enables recruiting teams to hire the best talent for their companies. Whether that means finding the best candidates with ease, sending better emails, generating diverse candidate pools or making cross-functional participation in the hiring process seamless. Entelo is the recruiting automation technology recruiters use to achieve their hiring goals faster than ever before.

Hiring Manager Candidate Review Queue

This new feature streamlines the candidate review process so recruiters and hiring managers can calibrate on the the optimal candidate profile to fill roles more efficiently. To use this new feature, recruiters conduct a search within Entelo, then simply “request review” from their hiring manager who can view a list of potential candidates without even having to sign in. They can make decisions on those candidates from one clean, simple to use page, and there is even a drop down menu that allows reviewers to provide more context on their selections. This drop down menu offers options like under-qualified, missing key skills, missing preferred company or industry so that recruiters can learn from the selections and conduct fresh searches with more insight.

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With new tools in their arsenal, recruiters are empowered to change their organizations for the better, making hiring more seamless, collaborative and inclusive. With the new hiring manager collaboration tools, recruiters can loop in their hiring managers to the sourcing process with ease.


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