Using AI & Automation to Improve Candidate Quality

June 27, 2018 at 10:05 AM by Sydney Cohen


The pressure is on for modern recruiters. Hiring goals constantly increasing and the labor market is more competitive than ever. When the pressure to deliver on goals sets in, it’s easy to compromise on quality of candidate to just get someone in the door. Delivering on key performance indicators (KPIs) in the short term shouldn’t mean paying the price of a bad hire in the long term, especially when 41 percent of companies reported that a bad hire cost their organization $25,000.

Fortunately, recruiting automation technologies can solves some of the most common problems companies face that allow bad hires to make their way into organizations and improve the overall quality of candidate pools.

Reason for making a bad hire: Needed to fill the position quickly
Solution: Adopting recruiting automation software to save time

Recruiting automation technologies are designed to automate tedious, time consuming tasks like manual sourcing, initial outreach, and crafting the perfect email, so recruiters can focus on building strategic relationships and engaging with high quality candidates. Tools like Entelo Envoy allow recruiters to automate sourcing and outreach, shortening hiring time. With an engaged and high-quality candidate pool at their fingertips, recruiters won’t have to resort to filling an open head with just any candidate.

Reason for making a bad hire: Didn’t research the employees skill set enough
Solution: Using recruiting automation tools to make all the data on a candidate easy to surface and understand

There is so much to know about a candidate that goes beyond their resume available to recruiters that it can be difficult at times to make sense of all of this data. Candidate investigation can take hours of a recruiter’s bandwidth and leave them drowning in a sea of open tabs. Tools like Entelo Insights leverage AI, machine learning and predictive analytics to deliver intelligent profiles recruiters can use to understand if a candidate is a good fit for a role or not.

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 3.46.17 PM

Aggregating information from all across the web into an easy to use visual format, helps recruiters surface the high quality candidates their looking for. To help companies hire these high quality candidates, Entelo also leverages the same intelligence to assist in crafting the perfect outreach message and delivering the email at the optimum time to increase candidate engagement.

Reason for making a bad hire: Background check wasn’t thorough enough
Solution: Automate background checks and assessments so recruiters can build talent pools that meet their high standards

Assessments are a great way to get a sense of  a candidate’s potential quality of work as well as gauge their level of expertise in a subject area. Implementing assessments and background checks also add structure to your hiring process, allowing less subjectivity to creep into the final decision to hire. Companies like HackerRank and TripleByte administer coding tests, helping companies to identify top developers. Technologies like Koru and Pymetrics are great if you’d like to assess a candidate's less technical attributes. To automate background checks, which can be very time consuming and risk dragging out your hiring process, use tools like Checkr and Intelligo.

Recruiters are a company’s first defense against all the ailments a bad hire can cause. This is a huge responsibility to uphold, but recruiters don’t have to do it alone. Augmenting the recruiting process with recruiting automation technologies will help recruiters more easily determine the difference between candidates that aren’t the right fit and ones that are.