Billy Beane to Keynote The Recruiting Automation Summit

March 27, 2018 at 5:00 AM by Team Entelo


Talent acquisition leaders have navigated many changes to this industry, just throughout the past decade – and there are plenty of HR conferences and events to prove it. But despite all the noise around talent acquisition, hiring and the talent wars, no single event focuses on the nexus of artificial intelligence, machine learning and recruiting.

As job boards, social recruiting, recruitment marketing and other buzzwords become best practices, find out what the next trends are before they become mainstream by registering for the Recruiting Automation Summit today.

What Does Baseball Have to do With Recruiting?

Billy Beane, executive VP of baseball operations for the Oakland A’s and subject of the book & feature film, “Moneyball” will kick off the day with a presentation about how he changed the way the MLB found and recruited top players. Beane’s approach, based on a data analytics methodology, led the Oakland A’s to six American League West Division Titles. That strategic methodology has come to be known as the “Moneyball” philosophy, named for the best-selling book and Oscar-nominated film and making Beane one of the most progressive and talented baseball executives in the game today.

Why Attend the Recruiting Automation Summit

Happening June 13 - 14 at the Village in downtown San Francisco, this event provides a unique forum for the top minds in talent acquisition, labor economics and artificial intelligence to come together and explore the implications of recruiting automation. Beane and other thought leaders will discuss various elements of recruiting automation such as how to improve hiring through automation, how AI will affect diversity and inclusion and the skills gap challenges facing recruiters today.

Speakers at the Recruiting Automation Summit

The agenda will include registration and customer advisory board meetings on June 13, followed by the general session on June 14 featuring many exciting presentations, panel discussions and networking opportunities. Selected speakers include:

  • Billy Beane, executive VP of baseball operations for the Oakland A’s and subject of the book & feature film, “Moneyball”
  • Josh Bersin, principal and founder of Bersin by Deloitte
  • Cade Metz, technology correspondent at The New York Times
  • Neal Narayani, head of workforce strategy at Uber
  • Sharique Hasan, associate professor of strategy at Duke University
  • Peter Weddle, CEO of TATech
  • Jon Bischke, co-founder and CEO of Entelo
  • Gaurav Kataria, VP of product and data science at Entelo
  • And many more speakers added daily

Up to 500 recruiting professionals will come away with learnings about how early adopters are gaining a competitive advantage in the war for talent and the tools to bring these best practices from thought leaders and world-class companies into their organizations.  

For event updates, follow @RAS_SF and @Entelo on Twitter and the hashtag #RecruitingAutomation. View the official announcement on our press release page.

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