Creating Scalable and Equitable Interview Processes with Twitch’s Arthur Yamamoto

Director of Global Recruiting at Twitch, Arthur Yamamoto, joined Hiring On All Cylinders to chat with the team about hiring at the world’s leading streaming service for gamers. The team reminisces about why “not a culture fit” is the most frustrating interview feedback a recruiter can get, how reducing bias during interviews is crucial for building strong teams, and Arthur’s first appearance at an Entelo recruiting metrics panel back in the day.

Evaluating Candidates Beyond the Resume with’s Aline Lerner founder and technical interviewing guru Aline Lerner joins Hiring On All Cylinders to talk about her work developing more valuable and effective technical interview processes for candidates and organizations. Aline and the team cover everything from her favorite subreddit, why some candidates deserve a second chance after a mediocre interview, and the tricky moment when you find yourself interviewing your potential new boss.

Why Googling Your Candidates Can Backfire

What’s the first thing you do when a solid resume comes down the funnel? Plug the applicant’s name into your search engine of choice and see what pops up, right?

The High Value of Personalized Outreach with Entelo Engineer James Hwang

Entelo Lead Software Engineer James Hwang popped by Hiring On All Cylinders to chat with the team about the other side of the recruitment coin. In this episode, James shares his best, worst, and most memorable interactions being recruited by talent teams. Listen in to hear how he was recruited to Entelo, why he now has more empathy than ever for recruiters, and why talking about new technologies is the quickest way to an engineer’s heart.

Avoiding Hiring Legal Risks with PeopleG2 CEO Chris Dyer

PeopleG2 CEO Chris Dyer joins the Hiring On All Cylinders team to chat about the always evolving world of candidate background check screens. The laws governing background checks vary from state to state and change regularly due to court rulings, which makes it a minefield of potential lawsuits for many organizations. Chris and team talk about how talent teams can ensure they stay on the right side of compliance, why criminal records are no longer the black mark they used to be, and why background checks are more about validating people than disqualifying them.

9 Companies Getting Branding Right and What Talent Teams Can Learn From Them

One thing matters more than anything else when it comes to recruiting talent: A company’s reputation. In fact more than 62% of people say that’s the most important criteria when they consider whether or not to take a job.

Your brand identity is priceless. A good one helps you attract and hire the best talent. A great one will keep your pipeline packed with candidates for months to come.

Here's what you can learn from nine organizations with stellar branding – vividly illustrating their employees’ story, instilling interest in potential candidates, spotlighting company culture and the importance of their values.

“Recruiting is a Compromise”: Accel Partners Cortlin Handly

Cortlin Handly, Director of Talent Strategy at Accel Partners, dropped by the Hiring On All Cylinders studio to chat with the team. Cortlin, who started out as a recruiter at a staffing agency before managing the Talent Engineering team at BrightRoll, has done it all within the talent function and now bridges the talent acquisition gap between Accel and many of their growing and expanding portfolio companies.

Sourcing Productivity, Multitasking and the Art of Pushback with Shally Steckerl

President of The Sourcing Institute, Shally Steckerl, hops on the line with the Hiring On All Cylinders team to give a preview of some of the tips, tricks and intel he’ll be sharing in his webinar later this week. In this episode, Shally taps into the most vexing challenges sourcers and recruiters face on a regular basis, why he thinks recruiting should operate more like the Central Intelligence Agency, and what he learned from this year’s World’s Greatest Sourcer competition.

What Happens When You Standardize Your Interview Process

Think about the worst interview you’ve ever had. Maybe it was an unprepared interviewer who clearly hadn’t seen your resume or found out who you were moments before you met. Or maybe it was when they forgot all about you and left you in the waiting room for 30 minutes.

For too many people, job interviews are intimidating and nerve-wracking affairs. Whether you’re a recruiter, hiring manager or candidate, the interview process can potentially be a disorganized mess for everyone involved.

Why Candidate Segmentation is the Ultimate Recruiting Hack

Not all candidates are created equal.

Your sales candidates aren't like your engineering candidates, who aren’t like your marketing candidates. They have different skills, personalities, and work habits, and what makes them good candidates for each position is a unique blend of those qualities.

Hiring teams would never use the same hiring criteria for different roles, yet why do many organizations structure their hiring process as a one size fits all solution? It's a problem because it ignores the specific characteristics that help people succeed in different roles.  

Knowing exactly what abilities and aptitudes are most valuable for certain roles is a crucial aspect of efficiently hiring the right people.  

Implementing candidate segmentation is your chance to do that.

Recruiting Venture Capitalists and Coaching Entrepreneurs with DFJ Venture’s Talent Partner

With investments in organizations like Tesla, Twilio, Twitter, and Baidu, DFJ Venture has an unimpeachable track record of identifying and funding good founders with innovative ideas. Katie Hughes, talent partner at the Menlo Park-based VC firm, popped by the Hiring On All Cylinders studio to chat with Rob and crew. She shares her know-how on stepping up to the plate to help portfolio companies navigate the always complex world of recruiting and hiring.

How College Recruiting Can Fuel Diversity Hiring

The business case for diversity is as clear cut as it gets: Diverse teams perform better. But building a diverse team is often easier said than done.

In reality, it’s a challenge many companies face, especially when hiring teams often find themselves going after the same handful of experienced people trying to improve their diversity. There’s nothing wrong with hiring experienced individuals from diverse backgrounds, in fact, it’s commendable. But it’s also hard to scale since it’s focused on an inherently finite talent pool.

The Impact of Candidate Conversations with HubSpot’s Director of Recruiting

Given HubSpot’s own focus on groundbreaking marketing and sales technology, it’s no surprise their talent acquisition team employs an innovative approach to recruiting that helps them unearth and attract the best candidates for their teams.

Friend of Entelo and HubSpot Director of Recruiting Becky McCullough took some time during last month’s Greenhouse Open to chat on the Hiring On All Cylinders podcast.

We’re Excited to Announce Our Guide to 2016 Recruiting and HR Conferences

Conferences offer unparalleled opportunities to engage peers, meet industry leaders and hear from innovators. But homing in on the right conference for you and your organization isn’t always a no-brainer.

That’s where we come in. In The Ultimate Guide to 2016 Recruiting and HR Conferences, we gathered everything you need to know about the top events for talent acquisition and HR pros.

Recruiting Takes a Village with ZEFR Talent Acquisition Team

Rob chats with ZEFR Director of Talent Acquisition Laura MacConnell and Senior Technical Recruiter Lauren Vellanoweth, this week on Hiring On All Cylinders. Laura and Lauren share sage wisdom about hiring recruiters, the battle for top tech talent with their Venice Beach neighbors Google and Snapchat, why Greenhouse is a great ATS (and how they probably deserve a referral discount), and how Rob just might be Entelo’s Head of Talent one day.