Sourcing Productivity, Multitasking and the Art of Pushback with Shally Steckerl

President of The Sourcing Institute, Shally Steckerl, hops on the line with the Hiring On All Cylinders team to give a preview of some of the tips, tricks and intel he’ll be sharing in his webinar later this week. In this episode, Shally taps into the most vexing challenges sourcers and recruiters face on a regular basis, why he thinks recruiting should operate more like the Central Intelligence Agency, and what he learned from this year’s World’s Greatest Sourcer competition.

4 Must-Follow Resources to Be a Better Recruiter

If you're trying to be a better recruiter, it can be overwhelming to find the areas online that are truly helpful. There's a great deal of fluff out there, and many areas are just looking to grow traffic and sell ads rather than actually educate. Seeing as you're here on the Entelo blog, you're already off to a great start. To assist your never ending journey to be the best recruiter you can be, we've assembled a handful of areas you should check out that are more signal than noise.