The High Value of Personalized Outreach with Entelo Engineer James Hwang

August 23, 2016 at 6:00 AM by William Clarke

JamesPodcast.jpgEntelo Lead Software Engineer James Hwang popped by Hiring On All Cylinders to chat with the team about the other side of the recruitment coin. In this episode, James shares his best, worst, and most memorable interactions being recruited by talent teams. Listen in to hear how he was recruited to Entelo, why he now has more empathy than ever for recruiters, and why talking about new technologies is the quickest way to an engineer’s heart.

Stream the episode below and learn more about:

  • How a transparent, speedy and efficient hiring process improves the odds of candidates accepting job offers
  • The hiring benefits of talking about compensation earlier rather than later
  • Increasing tech candidate response rates with personalized messaging and outreach

Have you had a chance to check out Entelo’s engineering blog?

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