“Recruiting is a Compromise”: Accel Partners Cortlin Handly

August 9, 2016 at 6:00 AM by William Clarke

Accel_Partners_Post.jpgCortlin Handly, Director of Talent Strategy at Accel Partners, dropped by the Hiring On All Cylinders studio to chat with the team. Cortlin, who started out as a recruiter at a staffing agency before managing the Talent Engineering team at BrightRoll, has done it all within the talent function and now bridges the talent acquisition gap between Accel and many of their growing and expanding portfolio companies.

Among the topics covered by team are why talent leaders have to be assertive, reasons a recruiting coordinator should be your first talent function hire, and why he’s not totally sold on Head of Talent as a job title. Tune into the episode below and hear them on other topics, including:  

  • The most common recruiting challenges that young companies face
  • Why creating scalable hiring practices is essential
  • Why the beer test can be a poor hiring metric

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