Talk About Talent: The US Women's Team Did It Again

The USWNT did it again

World Champions for the fourth time in history (double that of #2 on the list: Germany).

Yet amid all of the celebrations and stadium-wide-chants following the Women’s Championship win in Lyon, a newcomer joined the ranks: “Equal Pay”.

Last Week in Talent - Monday, April 17th

Happy last day to do your taxes, one and all! If you’re one of the estimated 1 in 7 people who wait until the last minute, good luck and get moving! If you’re not, congrats. You have fulfilled your civic duty this year! 

In the meantime, we’ve got the brand new second edition of Last Week in Talent coming in hot with all the talent-related headlines, insights, data points and long reads to help make you the smartest and best-informed talent pro at your Monday staff meeting each and every week.

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Mapping Your Best Fit Team Members to Best Fit Candidates

Sean Simerly is an SDR Team Manager at Entelo. In connecting organizations with Entelo's recruiting solution, Sean hears firsthand the challenges Talent Acquisition teams face as they fill their orgs with great people. In this guest post, he draws parallels between sales personalization and recruitment outreach, and shares key strategies for scaling sales teams.

“Recruiting is a Compromise”: Accel Partners Cortlin Handly

Cortlin Handly, Director of Talent Strategy at Accel Partners, dropped by the Hiring On All Cylinders studio to chat with the team. Cortlin, who started out as a recruiter at a staffing agency before managing the Talent Engineering team at BrightRoll, has done it all within the talent function and now bridges the talent acquisition gap between Accel and many of their growing and expanding portfolio companies.