These Five Seth Godin Insights Will Help You Recruit Better

Recruiting is a tough job and hiring is a front line business function. You’re the first point of contact for a lot of people, which means recruiting has a lot more in common with sales and marketing than it does with other HR functions.

It’s nothing new that recruiters need to think like marketers, and thinking outside the traditional recruiting box is one way to make that a reality. That’s where Seth Godin turns into a handy fount of recruiting wisdom.

Why Performance-based Hiring Builds a Lean Team, as told by Lou Adler

Lou Adler joins Hiring On All Cylinders to share a sneak peek of his webinar later this week. Best known for his Performance-based Hiring methodology, Lou emphasizes the importance of recruiters seeking out growth in candidates' career trajectories, not just the right skills or experiences. This helps talent teams identify the best performers driven by challenges, the opportunity to evolve their skill sets and develop with their org in the long run. In this episode, Lou breaks down the performance-based hiring model, and why orgs too often focus on the wrong metrics to track good fit candidates.

Lessons from HR Tech: Candidate Transparency, Employer Branding, and the Future of Hiring

As the official podcast of the HR Technology Conference & Expo, Hiring On All Cylinders was at the heart of the action as thousands of recruitefrs and talent acquisition pros descended on Chicago’s McCormick Place.

With such an unrivaled group of talent acquisition thinkers, practitioners, analysts, entrepreneurs and all-around smart people in one place, Hiring on All Cylinders was on a mission to talk to as many of them as possible. And boy did we.

Over the course of three days, a veritable who’s who sat down to chat with the Entelo team on HOAC. Everyone from RecruitingDaily’s Matt Charney to Analyst Naomi Bloom to The Muse CEO Kathryn Minshew and even HR Tech founder Bill Kutik dropped by the booth to share their thoughts, impressions, ideas and opinions on the trends and challenges in the wide world of HR technology.

Entelo’s Must Follow Talent Acquisition Influencers

Staying on top of hiring trends isn’t easy.  As much as the fundamentals of the industry remain the same, the tools, best practices, industry standards and technological innovations evolve at a mind-boggling rate. If you’re a recruiter with your head down working on tough to fill roles, tracking the industry as a whole can seem impossible or a waste of time.

But it’s not; it’s essential. Recruiters are competing against one another for the best talent. A competitive advantage comes from being better informed and smarter than the competition, and that’s why it’s crucial to stay plugged into the wider world of recruiting. You can’t stay ahead of the curve with your head in the sand.

Every day people are pushing the industry forward and hiring the best candidates in new, better ways. Oftentimes, they share their insights, knowledge, and observations on a multitude of channels. With all of this information swirling around, a recruiter needs to know how to cut through the noise. That’s where this list will come in handy.

The High Value of Personalized Outreach with Entelo Engineer James Hwang

Entelo Lead Software Engineer James Hwang popped by Hiring On All Cylinders to chat with the team about the other side of the recruitment coin. In this episode, James shares his best, worst, and most memorable interactions being recruited by talent teams. Listen in to hear how he was recruited to Entelo, why he now has more empathy than ever for recruiters, and why talking about new technologies is the quickest way to an engineer’s heart.

Avoiding Hiring Legal Risks with PeopleG2 CEO Chris Dyer

PeopleG2 CEO Chris Dyer joins the Hiring On All Cylinders team to chat about the always evolving world of candidate background check screens. The laws governing background checks vary from state to state and change regularly due to court rulings, which makes it a minefield of potential lawsuits for many organizations. Chris and team talk about how talent teams can ensure they stay on the right side of compliance, why criminal records are no longer the black mark they used to be, and why background checks are more about validating people than disqualifying them.

Recruiting Takes a Village with ZEFR Talent Acquisition Team

Rob chats with ZEFR Director of Talent Acquisition Laura MacConnell and Senior Technical Recruiter Lauren Vellanoweth, this week on Hiring On All Cylinders. Laura and Lauren share sage wisdom about hiring recruiters, the battle for top tech talent with their Venice Beach neighbors Google and Snapchat, why Greenhouse is a great ATS (and how they probably deserve a referral discount), and how Rob just might be Entelo’s Head of Talent one day.  

4 Ways to Make Your Company More Inclusive for Women

Several decades ago, symphony orchestras across the country began to implement blind auditions, and what happened next was nothing short of extraordinary. After years of very few (if any) female musicians, orchestras began to hire women in droves. Why? Because they had successfully removed a chief source of bias from their hiring practices. This, in turn, led to a virtuous cycle where more women auditioned for symphony orchestras, which further increased the percentage of women musicians.

Hiring For Authenticity with Entelo’s VP of Operations Jill Witty

“We are who we say we are,” says Entelo VP of Ops Jill Witty. This week she joined the Hiring on All Cylinders cast for a discussion of how Entelo practices what it preaches when it comes to company culture, and how the company looks for those qualities in new hires.

The One Trait to Look for in Your Next Marketing Hire

For some recruiters, the proverbial question remains the same: If marketers don't market themselves, do they really make a sound?

With just one more day until we kick off the third part of our series on hiring every person for your company, we linked up with Mindjet's Melissa Matlins to answer this question, and to find out the key to hiring a team of marketers built to adapt to an ever-changing customer landscape.

Who do you need to hire to effectively brand your company? What types of marketers should you anticipate to hire in the next five years? How can managers identify strong candidates fit for the role even if they don't come from a marketing background?

Here's what we learned.

Quantifying the Candidate Experience

Any talent pro who’s been in the space for some time has heard the perpetual push for creating a better candidate experience. 

To start, a recruiter’s warm, engaging outreach to a candidate, an efficient interviewing process, an informative onboarding process have all been cited as quick fixes hiring teams can make to improve the candidate experience. Each interaction with someone at the company builds a first impression – how the team communicates with each other, how the team prioritizes hiring and developing relationships with people. 

Measuring candidate experience, however, can be a bit of a grey area for recruiters. How can teams evaluate experience in the hiring process? Here are four questions to consider. 

Box's Kenny Mendes Shares Hiring Tactics to Successfully Grow Your Team

When Kenny started out as a recruiter on the Box team in 2009, his ATS was a plastic file box.

Six years later, Box is a publicly traded company boasting over 1,500 people. How'd they get there?

How to Scale Your Team Like Google and Facebook

Talent pros are no strangers to the challenges of building a pipeline of qualified candidates. Diversity, company culture, budget, and retention make up just the tip of the iceberg. Leading a whole hiring team is a different ballgame, and anyone in the space knows hiring and managing is more of an art than a juggling act. Marissa Huang is a paragon for both. 

As Thumbtack's director of talent and first in-house recruiter, Marissa made over 80 hires in a little over a year. At Facebook, she led recruiting for all of Instagram. She was also ranked in the top 3 percentile of sourcers during her time at Google. These days, she's heading talent at Figma, ready to do it all over again. What's the secret?  

Marissa recently visited the Entelo office for an upcoming episode of Hiring On All Cylinders (tune in here!) armed with a solid hiring playbook. So we took notes. Here's what she had to say.

4 Skills Talent Pros Need to Recruit and Keep Their Best People

By now, you’ve probably heard the broken record illustrating the Venn diagram of recruitment, hiring, marketing and sales, and whether you think it’s overplayed or revolutionary, or both, the model reigns true and relevant to any modern talent pro.

Approach hiring like a pro in the space you’re hiring for makes a difference in who you find and how you recruit and engage people. This skills list we came up with is practical, manageable, and timeless. Any recruiting tool can speed up the hunt, but what are you doing after you’ve honed in on who you could hire?

Consider this a running start.

4 Underrated Traits of Top Hiring Teams

To build out the company’s A-team, you need to start with a strong foundation of skilled recruiters. Hiring your first employees is a big step for the company. Hiring your 100th employee is a big step for the company, too.

At either stage, the org’s hiring needs and strategies are completely different, and any setbacks in your recruiting (and recruiters, for that matter) triggers a stifling domino effect on your talent goals. All that planning and preparing won’t help the company find people if you’re not properly equipped with a robust, smart hiring team.

Keep a lookout for these traits in your next hiring hires.