Box's Kenny Mendes Shares Hiring Tactics to Successfully Grow Your Team

August 6, 2015 at 1:30 PM by Kathleen de Lara


When Kenny started out as a recruiter on the Box team in 2009, his ATS was a plastic file box.

Six years later, Box is a publicly traded company boasting over 1,500 people. How'd they get there?

Kenny played a key role in Box's hyper-growth. During his time, he took the company from 40 to 1,200 people. These days, he's the head of people at a Palo Alto startup. We were able to snag Kenny for a few minutes at the Entelo office to share his hiring techniques with new (and seasoned!) talent pros. Whether you've been tasked to hire your first few team members or your next hundred, check out these gems we pulled from our joint webinar with Greenhouse, How to Hire a Recruiting Team:

Create ownership in critical areas. 

  • Search for full-time sourcers and coordinators.
  • Drive these functions to set the pace for your entire recruiting org.

Build specialized teams within recruiting. 

  • Assign mini hiring teams to source talent in engineering, sales, and "everything else."

Encourage rapid growth within the team. 

  • Encourage your teams to get on the phones and learn the ins and outs of communicating on the fly.

Build an executive search function. 

  • Critical: Don't underestimate the effectiveness of leadership, top-to-bottom recruiting.

Be relentless about hiring the best. 

  • Remember killer teams create the best companies.


Looking for more? We got you. Watch the whole webinar here!

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