This Common Recruiting Technique is a Candidate’s Number One Pet Peeve

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We’ve got hotshots, free advice, and the key to kickstarting your team’s best year of recruiting ever. Cross off anything you’ve got planned on March 19 at 10 am PT. This webinar is bound to unleash masses of great strategies for your recruiters, and we want to share the goodness.

Free Webinar: Strategies to Optimize Your Candidate Outreach

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Sirona Consulting Founder Andy Headworth will lead a discussion and share his insights on tactics for boosting your recruiters’ candidate response rates. If the talent funnels need a little bit of TLC (Totally Laudable Candidates), or if your recruiters’ outreach needs a lot of actual TLC, this one’s for you.

New Entelo Feature: Search by Multiple Locations

After receiving many requests from our customers, our engineers coded their fingers to the bone to release a brand new feature: multi-location searching! Now, agency recruiters with clients across the country, or in-house recruiters at organizations with several different offices, can source candidates from several different locations simultaneously, allowing them to combine searches for several different open positions at once!

Effectively Messaging Candidates: Free eBook from Entelo!

This morning, we're pleased to introduce a brand new free eBook covering the best practices for Effectively Messaging Candidates! We surveyed professionals far and wide to learn about their interactions with recruiters, preferred means of contact, and what specifically about a job opportunity is most alluring.

Introducing Safe Sourcing — Entelo Beefs Up Security

In addition to emails and public posts, internet users are regularly entering logins, passwords, credit card numbers, and other sensitive information. To keep our customers' login details, as well as company-related hiring efforts discrete, we've added SSL encryption across our entire website and product. Some of the benefits of Entelo's new SSL encryption include:

Does Apple Have a Recruiting Problem?

Early yesterday, Apple announced an executive shuffle that saw Denise Young-Smith, former Head of Retail HR, promoted to lead HumanResources for the entire company. Former Head of HR, Joel Podolny, will transition to a role where he'll place his entire focus on Apple University--Apple's internal education program aimed to instill deep facets of company culture into management.

Recruitment’s Best 6 Articles of The Week

As the first week of February 2014 comes to a close, we’ve decided to kick start a weekly round-up. Here, you'll find links to the best recruitment articles of the week, along with a look back at what the Entelo blog brought you over the past several days.

Proof is in the Pudding: CEO Reveals Entelo’s Hiring Tactics

Yesterday, Entelo CEO & founder Jon Bischke hopped on a Google Hangout with Ramon Ray of smallbiztechnology, a resource that educates growing businesses with information on how to strategically use technology as a tool to grow their businesses--to discuss various best practices in the recruitment arena. Throughout their conversation, Jon and Ramon tackle recruitment issues applicable to both the early stage-start up as well as the established enterprise company.

Topics covered include:

  • Virtues of contract-to-hire
  • Value of referrals
  • Importance of culture
  • Crafting unique messaging
  • Targeting the right candidates

Announcing Hiring For Good: Entelo and CodeEd Partner to Sponsor Female Engineers

After chatting with a number of our customers over the course of the last few years, it’s become apparent that finding and attracting female technical talent is one of the toughest challenges that companies face today. With that, we’re excited to announce a new initiative here at Entelo to do our part to encourage and enable the next generation of female engineers.

Advanced Filters Added to Entelo List Feature

Per the request of our valued customers, we're excited to announce our list feature has received a much needed upgrade!

More Robust List Feature

In early March of last year, we completely revamped our list feature. Additional features included mass adding of search results directly to lists, exporting ability, and searching within lists. Also, we included auto-generated lists such as ' Contacted Candidates' and 'Viewed Contacts' to give users a sense of their history with the tool.

‘Recently Updated’ Feature

Early in 2013, we introduced our 'recently updated' filter. This allowed users to search for candidates who have been making changes to their social profiles. According to our research, candidates making regular updates to their profiles are 7x more likely to make a career move. In our effort to help recruiters locate those elusive passive candidates, the recently updated filter is a crucial tool.

Entelo Search: Easier, Better, Faster, Stronger

We recently rolled out some search updates we think you'll love:

  • Search results now show both current and previous positions and education history

Twitter Reacts to #sfbeta: The Future of HR

#sfbeta, a startup mixer launched in September 2006 by Christian Perry, is steadily growing—bringing together thought leaders, founders, tech talent, and investors to focus on emerging themes in the tech industry.

Last night SmartRecruiters hosted a jam-packed event on “The Future of HR” at their headquarters in San Francisco. Entelo had a great setup for the event, and we enjoyed the lively discussions on the informative panel.

New Recruiter Academy Course!

A few months ago, we launched Recruiter Academy, a living resource featuring posts, webinars, and videos aimed to serve as a hub for recruiting professionals to hone their craft. Today, we launched an additional course on Recruiter Academy which details many aspects of how to conduct, organize and optimize your organization's interviewing process.