Open the Floodgates! Introducing Entelo's AMA — Recruiter Edition

Happy Friday, folks. I'm pretty stoked to announce Entelo's latest series, "Ask Me Anything: Recruiter Edition!" 

Every week, we'll get to talkin' about the biggest challenges faced by recruiters, HR, and other talent acqusition pros staying up all night to get great talent.

We want to hear from you. 

How HubSpot's First VP of Engineering Made Their First 40 Technical Hires

The following is an exclusive interview with Yoav Shapira, Hubspot's 1st VP of Engineering.

As Hubspot gears up for an IPO in the upcoming weeks, Entelo sat down with their former Vice President of Engineering to learn his tactics for hiring and scaling a talented tech team — all from the ground up.

Between 2007-2012, Shapira was as a core member of HubSpot’s management team, serving as vice president of the engineering and the platform strategy teams. He arrived to HubSpot only a year after the company was founded, and led the hiring initiatives to build a robust department of engineers, product managers, and designers. 

Entelo Recognized as a Top Cloud Company by Bessemer Venture Partners

bvp cloudscapeIn an era where most tech lives in the elusive "cloud," establishing proven, noteworthy innovation is a challenging feat. 

Entelo was recently recognized by Bessemer Venture Partners as one of the top 300 privately held cloud companies in their 2014 BVP Cloudscape. 

Lyft Shares Tips on Building a Referral Network

There’s a reason the pink mustache evokes a warm feeling of familiarity and security. Whether it's the fist bumps, free water and gum, or the decked out disco rides, when was the last time you remember having a good time getting from Point A to Point B with a stranger?

Actually, don't answer that.

Five Hiring Lessons from Flipboard CTO Eric Feng

Behind Hulu and Flipboard is a CTO who knew exactly how to merge all the fun things in life under a single, convenient viewing platform. And not without the help of a team of well-curated talent.

The secret’s in doing what you’re not told to do, and despite Eric Feng’s former status as a venture capitalist at Kleiner Perkins, his advice? Forget the investors, and do what you know is best for your business.

The Obvious Marketing Formula Recruiters Should Be Using

Your recruiters are probably great recruiters, but if that's all they are, your company is already a few steps behind the game.

These days, sourcing and engaging qualified candidates takes more than just a well-rounded list of company perks, benefits, and a blueprint of the hundred career paths that could stem from taking up the opportunity.

Instead, some of recruiters' toughest challenges include building a positive, memorable candidate experience to stand out from competing companies who are likely trying out the same tactics.

Start nurturing talent with a marketing goal in mind to give your team's recruiting strategy the much-needed one-up.

What It's Like to Recruit for Box

Take a look through Box's Facebook account, and you'll unearth what may perhaps be one of the most praiseworthy company cultures in Silicon Valley.

One would think an organization that boasts kegerators, Nerf wars, and cool parties with Blink 182 would require little to no effort in recruiting more talent, but there's actually a hiring algorithm that gets the right candidates through Box's front doors — every single time. And it isn't complicated.

Announcing Entelo's Integration with Greenhouse!

Entelo is excited to announce our latest integration with Greenhouse, one of the industry’s most efficient, leading applicant tracking systems!

Recruiters, get ready to streamline the hiring process with the ability to gather, merge, and organize top talent — all on one channel. Whether it’s passive candidates being sourced and reviewed, or prospective hires being onboarded, Entelo’s partnership with Greenhouse will reduce your time-to-hire and cost-per-hire.

Box Shares Techniques on Hiring for Diversity

Hiring for diversity can help you build a company that's more creative, more productive, and less likely to turn over.

Just take it from Box.

We sat down with Sarah Lovelace, the company's senior manager of technical recruiting, to hear her insights on hiring from under-represented groups, and how the team at Box grew their renowned team of diverse tech talent.

Best of Jobvite Summit 2014, Day 2

Jobvite Summit 2014 rolled out this week to bring sourcers, human resources, and talent acquisition pros the lay of the modern recruiting land. 

If you weren't able to join EnteloJobvite, and some of the industry's most influential thought leaders, don't fret. We've put together top highlights and key takeaways from one of the biggest events of the year.

Announcing Entelo Diversity

It’s with great pleasure that we’re announcing the launch of Entelo Diversity.

The genesis of Diversity occurred well over a year ago when we surfaced a recurring need among our customer base: More powerful tools to ensure that they were recruiting a diverse mix of candidates. Specifically, a common request among many of our customers was a desire to improve the gender balance among their engineering teams. 

Diversity is a hot button issue. In fact, there’s a pretty large segment of the population that might think that what we are doing with Entelo Diversity is wrong or possibly even a violation of employment law. We knew when we started talking about this product that it could generate some controversy and thought for a long time about that. In the end, we felt very strongly that the potential good of a tool like Entelo Diversity far outweighed any potential negative commentary we’d receive.

Entelo Brings Back Robust Recruiting to Jobvite Summit 2014!

One of the year's biggest, must-attend recruiting and talent acquisition conferences kicks off tomorrow, and Entelo is on the guest list to bring you and your team top tools for sourcing (and hiring) like you mean it. 

Come visit the Entelo booth at Jobvite Summit 2014 and find out about the whole new world of recruiting we've built.

Get Started on Your Employee Referral Program in Our Free Ebook

So no one told you recruiting was gonna be this way. Your talent funnel's a joke, it's broke. Your retention rates' DOA. It's like you're always hiring second best when it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year. 

We'll be there for you — to lend a recruiting crutch with a brand spankin' new eBook, that is!

The Modern Tech Recruiter’s Guide: Free eBook from Entelo!

tech recruitingAre you recruiting for the flavor of the month or your all-time best candidates?

We’re making it rain free advice at Entelo and to celebrate, we’ve launched our latest eBook, “The Modern Tech Recruiter's Guide: Volume 1.” It’s the first in a series of the best strategies for finding qualified candidates, filtering through the talent funnel, and communicating your company’s prime assets to engage potential hires to join the team.

Your Candidate Messaging Could Use a Little Work

If you missed our live webinar with Andy Headworth yesterday, don't fret — we've got it covered. 

"Strategies to Optimize Your Candidate Outreach" was a hit! Recruiters, hiring managers, and heads of talent were among those in attendance who got the lowdown on inside tactics for building a better relationship with candidates, from the first contact, through the engagement, all the way to the hire.