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Testing Software Engineers? Engineer these Tests

Being persistent with your exclusive sourcing strategy will attract promising software engineers to your company, but ascertaining if they’re a good hire will mean implementing a code test or offering them a short-term contract.

Tom Pinckney, manager of eBay’s NYC R&D Center, highlights the two-way value of using a code test as a recruiting tool:

“At SiteAdvisor, Hunch and now eBay we've long been fans of making practical onsite coding projects an integral part of the interview process…What I have slowly started to learn is that this is also about the candidate learning about us: what we value in a developer, what we think is important, what kind of problems we work on, and how we solve those problems.”

Recruitment’s Best 6 Articles of The Week

As the first week of February 2014 comes to a close, we’ve decided to kick start a weekly round-up. Here, you'll find links to the best recruitment articles of the week, along with a look back at what the Entelo blog brought you over the past several days.

Are You Certified? A Look at Recruitment Certification Programs

On October 4th, 2013 Talent Blog formally announced LinkedIn’s first certification program: LinkedIn Certified Professional—Recruiter.

While the certification program has benefits—and shortcomings—it furnishes a perfect segue to talking about the possibility (or impossibility) of a formalized and universal certification for recruiters.

Why hasn’t anyone come along and created “THE certification” for the profession to act as a “rite of passage” regardless of specialization or industry? Is this even necessary? What about all the other certifications already in existence? Are they good enough?

Why Forming a Recruiter & Hiring Manager Partnership Isn’t as Hard as You Think

Building a team often requires a team effort. Why hiring managers and recruiters need to work together to hire the right people is anything but ambiguous: their collaborative efforts can make or break a company.

Cultivating a successful relationship between both parties begins with defining expectations, building trust, and creating an unshakable foundation for persistent communication.

Hiring managers and recruiters try to solve the same set of problems, yet far too often they approach the solutions with drastically different motivations and goals.

What “Queen of Twitter” Katy Perry Says About Talent Branding

Katy Perry (twitter handle not necessary) is now officially “Queen of Twitter” with more than 50 million followers—or “Katycats.”

Go ahead and ask, “What does this have to do with HR and recruiting?” The answer is social media talent branding. Branding is no longer limited to the marketing domain. Your talent is your brand, so the recruiting and talent acquisition function of HR needs to be precise in crafting social media campaigns.

Although Perry can drive engagement simply by being a pop media icon, she also had three pertinent insights when asked how she managed to tame the social media dragon:

What Engineers Truly Want Isn’t in the Break Room

The competition for software engineers is intense. And why shouldn't it be? Brilliant and engaged engineers form the backbone of your company. If you want to hire the best engineers on the market you need to focus on what they want. Many companies try to tempt talent with extravagant work perks--gourmet meals, outlandish game rooms, unlimited vacation, napping stations, fitness classes, recording studios and many more bonuses.

While this approach has its virtues, you don’t want to lose sight of enticing engineers by appealing to the very nature of their profession. You have to understand the fascinating mind it takes to engage in their field of work, and speak to their values.