Let it Shine: Promoting Company Culture in Job Ads

January 28, 2014 at 9:00 PM by Jordan Taylor

Prospective candidates need a lasting impression of your company culture. By crafting creative job ads that touch on the rich tapestry that is your company culture—you’ll give any candidate the opportunity to accurately imagine how their life would be if they were a team member at your company.

In our recent post “Spicing Up Job Ads: Dull Posts Yield Dull Candidates,” we only covered the tip of the iceberg when it comes to putting cultural insights into job ads:

“Make the post match your company culture. If you’ve worked hard to cultivate a fun workplace, write in a way that reflects how you value open-minded people who love contributing to core values. Use the prose to demonstrate what you value and link back to landing pages or articles that cover your unique culture.”

What does a landing page like this look like? Here’s an example of Hulu’s jobs landing page:

New Picture

When you click on “What Defines Hulu?” you get some great inside information regard how the team works together to foster company culture. Here’s a great quote on how the exchange of ideas trumps hierarchy:

“We believe that Hulu’s trajectory will be a function of the strength of our ideas and the quality of our execution. We believe that neither groundbreaking ideas nor great execution are found exclusively at higher levels of an organization, particularly ours. Most times, it is just the opposite. Out of necessity as much as philosophical preference, Hulu prides itself on being a meritocracy. We bet on talent, tenacity, and quality bars…not previous titles.

Here’s an example of a job posting for Product Manager – Mobile that carries this cultural fire:

Hulu Project Manager

“Leadership is a critical quality: product managers build by motivating cross-functional teams. At Hulu, influence is a function of the strength of your ideas, how clearly you can articulate your thinking, and the charisma with which you communicate.”

The simple phrase “influence is a function of the strength of your ideas” directly ties back to their goal of creating a meritocracy. This sort of consistency and communicative overlapping (rephrasing) of cultural values will motivate great candidates to apply.

Some General Guidelines
The format is completely up to you. Sometimes job ads start off with company culture insights; sometimes the insights come at the end; and sometimes they punctuate different areas (even finding their way into the description/duty details).

Our best advice is to always make sure the concepts and language are present no matter what. There are plenty of companies that have information about their culture on job pages—but it doesn't come through in the ads themselves.

When you do incorporate the information, it’s best to rephrase your tenets in refreshing and novel ways—showing job-seekers how it applies to the position that interests them most.

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