Twitter Reacts to #sfbeta: The Future of HR

January 9, 2014 at 4:54 AM by Jordan Taylor

sfbetamontage#sfbeta, a startup mixer launched in September 2006 by Christian Perry, is steadily growing—bringing together thought leaders, founders, tech talent, and investors to focus on emerging themes in the tech industry.

Last night SmartRecruiters hosted a jam-packed event on “The Future of HR” at their headquarters in San Francisco. Entelo had a great setup for the event, and we enjoyed the lively discussions on the informative panel.

Here’s our very own Geoff & Taylor getting ready for some socializing, conversing, and elbow rubbing with other sizzling HR startups!


The night was full of provocative discussions; here’s just a little taste of the inspirational ideas:

It’s safe to say that the average number of candidates, in this context, means qualified candidates. 2014 will see a new war on talent unfold where attracting top talent means creating a top business culture when growth is more difficult than it was in the dot-com era.

We’ve been trying to understand how this happens for quite some time now. Here’s some posts that articulate changes to come: “The Modern Resume,” “5 Personality Traits: Using Twitter to Evaluate Candidates,” “Webinar: How to Recruit Using Github, Quora, Dribbble, and More,” and “‘Top 5 Social Recruiting Tips for LinkedIn, Twitter, & Facebook.’”

Ranking candidates happens in all three (broader) steps of the recruitment process: sourcing, attraction, and selection. Ranking with social sourcing means relying less on a resume and more on social footprints. Attraction requires you to rank how well you think candidates will fit within your company culture. And, lastly, selection means the middle ground where the science and art of recruiting come together to influence your decision-making.

Without a doubt, mono-cultural workforces are a danger to your company. Unfortunately they are a relic of how people network. If you’re not careful they will hinder your company’s creativity, critical thinking, and the evolution of your business culture. 

We want to thank SmartRecruiters, our friends, and all the thought leaders in our space for making last night fun and enlightening!

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