Announcing Entelo Stack, the Best Way to Handle Inbound Resumes

This is a big week for Entelo. At the HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas we announced Entelo Stack, our newest product. Here are five reasons we’re excited about the launch.

3 Ways to Personalize the High-Volume Candidate Search

Unfortunately, there are still too many instances of recruiters mass-blasting form emails to candidates these days, often for jobs that don’t make sense for them. While we encourage taking the approach of being hyper-personalized with every reachout, there are successful tactics you can employ to get the best of both worlds: semi-personalized reachouts leading to the volume needed to build your pipelines quickly and efficiently.

Here's Why Your Talent Funnel is All Filler, No Killer

The talent gap is a scary place on the map hiring pros use to hunt down candidates. 

If that’s not enough of a cringeworthy metaphor, this iCIMS stat should shake you up: 80% of recruiters think they have a high understanding of the jobs they’re recruiting for. Here’s how 61% of hiring managers responded: “Nope!”  

The disjointed recruiter-manager relationship has notoriously been cited as one of the causes for bottleneck in the hiring process. Managers spend most of their time reviewing resumes. Time-to-hire is a relatively squishy metric, but if a majority of the hiring process is spent reviewing resumes, teams need to reevaluate the quality of their candidate pools. 

Recruiters quickly pick up the ability to sift through candidates, but without reviewing the remaining candidates with hiring managers, there’s a higher chance recruiters will need to hit Restart on the search. Evaluation can’t be a one-sided process.   

Here’s a start: Apply these four pre-hiring assessment techniques to train your team to have a better eye for the types of people the company wants to hire. 

Crowdsource Your Sourcing with These Team Recruiting Techniques

As a recruiter, it can often feel like the weight of recruiting is firmly and all-encompassingly upon your shoulders. While this is fair to a degree, there are plenty of times where it's better for you not to be a hero. The team you're building is just that--your team--and if you can loop them in to your recruiting world, you'll not only alleviate the stress of hiring for multiple roles, but find better candidates too. Recently, the Head of Global Talent and Operations for Jen Boulanger (oops, I dropped something. I think it was a name.) told me "Recruiting takes a village". We feel the same way over at Entelo, and here are a few ways we've gone about involving the whole team in talent acquisition.

President of the Sourcing Institute Reveals Boolean’s Biggest Problem

Being good at building search strings doesn’t make you good at finding talent.

The key to uncovering candidates can’t be found in just any set of carefully pieced together words and punctuation marks. If your hunt for talent is a one way street – plug in search strings, find candidates, repeat – you’re overlooking a significant number of qualified people.

Cue Shally Steckerl, President of The Sourcing Institute, who tells all about common recruiter mistakes using the foundational Boolean search method. Are you guilty? Read on for a teaser of what's to come in our upcoming webinar with The Sourcing Institute, The Recruiter's Guide to Boolean Basics and Natural Language Searches.

6 Steps for a Speedy, Successful Sourcing Session

You’ve done it all to get ready for the upcoming hiring season, and despite all the prep work, no to-do list in the world could’ve braced you for all the other tasks and projects that somehow squeezed their way onto your plate. Now you’re stuck with a zillion open roles and a less than impressive pipeline, and somehow, you still have just one pair of hands.

Sound familiar? Your team – sourcers, hiring managers, or not – is just the backup arsenal you need in this battle for the best, the war of talent, as most folks call it. No worries if they’ve never sourced before. Wearing extra hats and stepping outside comfort zones hardly hurt anyone, and a quick sourcing session can help the team get a sense of what to look for in hireable, skilled colleagues.

We recommend trying this six-step formula for the short notice, ad hoc sourcing session that could very well be a recurring (fun) event.

Quick Tips for Building an Effective Phone Screening Process

Sourcing candidates to create a substantial top of the funnel is one of the biggest challenges in the talent hunt. This is where most people fall off – having a long list of candidates becomes a good and bad thing. Without the right resources, recruiters can fall behind in reaching out to, following up with, and filtering through the right and wrong people.

One way to alleviate the candidate drop-off is to create a quicker interviewing process. Whether or not your company is in an active hiring mode, recruiters may often find themselves doing a multitude of screenings every day. A good phone screening communicates what the company and role is about, and gives a candidate an idea of what the culture is like since it’s the first point of real interaction between the candidate and the org.

Use these techniques to bustle through your candidate funnel.

Believe It or Not, There's a Bright Side to Employee Turnover

Building your company's dream team is a tug of war. 

Talented people and employers have been in a perpetual conversation to find a workable middle ground – one that meets candidates' expectations about the role and the company's needs to reach its goals.  

Bridging the gap between what job seekers want and what managers are able to offer is one item on a laundry list of recruiters' biggest challenges. Shifts in employees' behaviors and preferences can be seen in how frequently people are moving from job to job. There were 5.1 million job openings in February in the U.S. alone – that's the highest its been since January 2001. Frequent employee turnover becomes an inbred, expected element of the hiring process.

The good news? More employers are learning how to keep up with evolving working and hiring trends. We refuse to spoil what's to come in How Recruiters Can Use Turnover to Their Hiring Advantage, our joint webinar with the folks at The Resumator. But we did get a chance to speak with co-host and marketing director, Justin Keller, to understand why employees are quitting and to hash out potential solutions to the underlying, "Well, so what?"

Here's what he had to say.

Announcing the Winners of the World's Greatest Sourcer Competition

It’s over – the World’s Greatest Sourcer Competition is finally complete!

After much tallying, reading, and rereading more than 700 entries from hiring pros worldwide, we’re excited to announce this year’s winners, Michael Stanley and Ralitsa Burneva.

Top Tools for Managing Pipelines: A Guide for Startups

At startups, pipelines are lifeblood.

If you're part of a small company, you probably have at least two pipelines right now: investors and recruiting. And many startups, especially SaaS and enterprise software companies, have a third pipeline: sales. Manage those pipelines well and you’re on the road to great success.

Over time at Entelo, we’ve talked to hundreds of companies about their pipelines (primarily their recruiting pipelines) and we’ve discovered some cool tools people are using to keep their pipelines healthy. Whether your primary function is selling, recruiting or raising capital, these are well worth looking at.

Top Productivity Tools to Add to Your Team’s Hiring Arsenal

Haste makes waste but in this century, there’s an app for this and a shortcut to automate that.

The World’s Greatest Sourcer Challenge is off to a running start and we’re halfway through, so we spoke with The Sourcing Institute’s Shally Steckerl to learn what he’s using to amplify his sourcing strategies.

Check them out.

6 Email Hacks to Improve Your Outreach Strategies

Candidate emails can be likened to haikus. The 5-7-5 model need not apply, but there's a recipe for creating a concise message that's relevant and compelling.  

You've heard of hyper-personalization and nurturing a virtual relationship, but because the ball ultimately lies in a candidate's court, the key is opening up the conversation to influence an interpersonal reaction. Read: They don't toss your message.

Try these six techniques for increasing your email open and response rates with candidates. 

Ready? Set? Source! WGS 2015 Kicks Off

Dole out the drum rolls, hoots, hollers, and all the live tweets in between.

Today marks the official start of the World’s Greatest Sourcer competition!

Hundreds of sourcers worldwide will duke out their candidate hunting skills in a decathlon series of challenges to prove their chops as the top talent pro.

Missed Our Webinar with Jobvite on Improving Recruiter-Hiring Manager Communication? Read On

We joined forces with Jobvite for a hot talk on one of the biggest challenges in hiring – building a solid relationship between recruiters and hiring managers.

“Why is the search taking so long?” “What does this job title mean?” “Where on Earth am I supposed to find a candidate like that?!”

Whether you’re a rookie recruiter or a seasoned pro, these are questions you’ve likely heard around the office.

Here's How to Win the World's Greatest Sourcer

Time to turn on sourcing survival mode!

We’re just two weeks away from the March 24th kick-off of the World’s Greatest Sourcer – are you ready to take on the competition?

Battling with the best and brightest sourcers and recruiters isn’t an easy feat, so we teamed up with The Sourcing Institute for an exclusive sneak peek into the official WGS challenges.