WEBINAR: Don't Get Lost in Their Inbox - How to Cut Through the Noise and Engage with Candidates

In today’s competitive job market, it’s not enough to simply find the candidates you want. Chances are these same candidates are getting emails from all

 of your competitors. So how do you get their attention and, even more, get them to open and take action to your emails?

10 Things Not to Do in Your Pitch Emails

Pitch emails are your first touch point with candidates and ideally they begin a long, fruitful conversation that’s mutually productive.

The stronger the pitch, the more responses you will get, and the bigger your pipeline will grow. As we’ve said before, your pipeline is your lifeline. Here’s a guide on what not to say and do in your candidate emails so that you can recruit like a pro, and hire like a boss.    

Underemphasized Qualities of a Great Recruiting Email

Like it or not, sending emails has become the most widespread way to engage with potential hires. Though it lacks the immediacy of a phone call and is easily
ignored, talent actually prefer to be contacted via email, so if you're going to engage someone the way they want to be engaged, you've got no choice but to craft a meaningful, personal, effective recruiting email. To get some insight on the preferred type of messages, we asked our engineering department to forward us their favorite recruiting emails and tell us why they were so good. Below, we've pulled out the overarching themes and common denominators of great emails, as told by the tech talent who received them. Ready, go!