How To Write Killer Recruiting Emails in 5 Steps

Effective writing is an underrated aspect of recruiting. We constantly discuss the ins and outs of finding talent, but the outcomes of your outreach will depend in large part on your ability to communicate with candidates. All the strategic sourcing in the world won’t get candidates to respond to badly written, poorly conceived emails.

10 Things Not to Do in Your Pitch Emails

Pitch emails are your first touch point with candidates and ideally they begin a long, fruitful conversation that’s mutually productive.

The stronger the pitch, the more responses you will get, and the bigger your pipeline will grow. As we’ve said before, your pipeline is your lifeline. Here’s a guide on what not to say and do in your candidate emails so that you can recruit like a pro, and hire like a boss.    

4 Cliches to Remove From Your Recruitment Messaging

How many emails did you send last week? 10? 50? 100? How many of them received a response? Chin up, Recruiters. It's not entirely your fault. Some people
aren't likely to respond no matter how good the email is. In these cases there's not much you can do except try and leave them with as warm a feeling about your personal outreach as possible, in the hopes of keeping things open for future contact. In too many cases, though, talent see one thing about a recruiting email and immediately send it to the trash. You've got to give your recruitment messaging the best chance at avoiding the trash can, and if you use any of the below tired, meaningless, impersonal cliches, you aren't doing yourself any favors.