How Veterans Can Help Recruiters Close the Talent Gap

Over the past few years, hiring has become incredibly difficult for many organizations. With the US unemployment rate hovering around 4 percent and widespread shortages of key technical and soft skills, many employers are struggling to make the hires they need to keep growing.

But there is a huge population of well-trained but often overlooked talent readily available to employers: veterans. More than 450,000 of them are unemployed, but they could be filling some of the more than 6 million US job vacancies.

As of last year, there are more than 20 million veterans, almost 60 percent of whom are of  working age. Altogether these veterans comprise a group of highly trained, highly talented people ready and willing to help your organization achieve its goals. Here’s how.

Can a Handshake Be Replaced? Seattle Talent Pros Discuss the Future of Recruiting

Automation was the word on the tip of everyone’s tongue as talent acquisition leaders from the Seattle area gathered at Payscale’s offices just south of CenturyLink field for Recruiting @ Scale: Seattle. With nearby giants like Microsoft and Amazon pioneering new technologies almost daily and hiring the talent to fuel their innovations, Seattle recruiters are well-acquainted with the world of smart technologies.

But recruiting isn’t just about technology, even though it can feel that way sometimes. At its heart, recruiting is still about connecting people with opportunities and persuading them to take the leap to something new and exciting. And the truth is, that will probably never ever be fully automated. The key, then, for those of us in talent acquisition is to figure out how we can strategically leverage technology without losing the very human skills and attributes that make us effective recruiters in the first place.

What to Say to Engage Candidates with Your Emails

One way to a candidate’s heart is through your subject line, and if that’s not attractive enough to get ‘em to click through, your message has been archived, trashed, and their attention's shifted to the next email in the inbox.

In our recent stream of blog posts, we shared some year-end techniques and practices to fill your open reqs, get candidates in your funnel, and to prep for the new year. 

If you’ve decided to go the route of engaging candidates the team was recruiting earlier this year, read on for 10 sample subject lines and tips on editing your outreach to keep your message from being condemned to the circular file.

3 Techniques to Sell the Role and Make the Hire

The art of persuasion takes the right timing, context, and messaging techniques to engage qualified candidates with your open opportunity. 

The long list of benefits and perks you’ve prepped may seem like enough ammo to bolster the job’s appeal and fit in a candidate’s career, but paired with a well-targeted marketing plan, your recruiting strategy can hit the ground running. 

5 Presidential Quotes to Inspire your Recruitment

Happy Presidents' Day, recruiting pros! To commemorate the inspiring leaders of our nation's past, and to continue sharpening the skills ofour sourcing friends everywhere, we've put together a handful of quotes from various Commanders-in-Chief that directly relate to your talent acquisition efforts. Bear in mind these words of wisdom when sourcing, interviewing, evaluating, and following up with candidates.

6 Must-See Examples of SlideShare’s Recruiting Power

As an agile, internet savvy, adaptable recruiter, you’ve undoubtedly come across SlideShare, the home of the web’s largestslideshow sharing community. Chock full of guides, presentations, and infographics, and boasting over 60M unique views a month, SlideShare has emerged as a massively utilized platform for businesses to connect with the public.

How does this fit in to your company’s hiring goals? I’m glad you asked.

SlideShare represents an opportunity to showcase your company’s culture, projects, and employees in an easily digestible, hyper-sharable, and highly visual medium.

Below, we’ve included some examples of companies whose SlideShare content is providing a massively informative avenue for candidates to research and get a peek inside their organization.

Year In Review: Entelo 2013 Timeline

2013 was a huge year for Entelo! Between our Series A funding, new office, numerous product updates, and a prestigious industry award, there truly never was a dull moment at Entelo HQ. Click through the slideshow below to see exactly what we were up to in 2013!

Lessons from a Year’s Worth of Hiring Data

The following is a guest blog post by Aline Lerner, an engineer-turned-recruiter and founder of her very own recruiting agency, Aline Lerner LLC. Below, she crunches the hiring numbers from some 300 candidates she communicated with in her time heading up Trialpay's technical recruitment. Read below as she dismisses some of the 'conventional' wisdom about what makes a strong candidate, and compares candidates who received offers to those who did not across several different metrics. You can follow Aline on Quora or connect on LinkedIn.