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Elena Sigacheva

Elena Sigacheva is the product manager for Search & Discovery at Entelo. She is an expert at turning data into knowledge, information into insights and user stories into intuitive products. Experienced in tech, VC, and finance, Elena leverages her diverse background to turn user needs into a vision and strategy, and launch great products. Elena earned an MBA degree and multiple international undergraduate degrees in Economics, Banking and Finance from schools in Moscow, London, and San Francisco.

Recent Posts

Using Technology To Reduce Unconscious Bias

Diversity hiring should not be controversial. Beyond being the right thing to do, McKinsey research indicates there are strong business reasons to focus on hiring candidates from different backgrounds and building diverse teams. People from different backgrounds bring unique perspectives and contribute to enhancing team creativity and balance, which can reduce groupthink and enhance problem solving. For the most part, many organizations are bought in on this and have deployed resources toward diversity hiring initiatives. So, the question remains, why aren’t workforces more diverse?