Boolean Searches Just Got Easier

March 6, 2018 at 9:03 AM by Elena Sigacheva


As if finding the perfect candidate wasn’t daunting enough, recruiters are often faced with the task of specifying their ideal candidate through confusing and time-consuming search queries. Countless articles are devoted to proper Boolean searches for recruiting, yet we hear from many sourcing professionals who are fed up with the hoops they have to jump through to find that diamond candidate in the rough.

So, we made it easier. Entelo is shaping the future of recruiting automation by offering Boolean Builder, a Boolean-building assistant that automates manual parts of the sourcing process by instantly generating a search string and uses AI to suggest skills relevant to the job title.

On average, it reduces the time spent constructing a boolean search query by 75%. Recruiters both seasoned and novice can use terms entered in the Position, Skills, and Companies box search query with “OR” “AND” and “NOT” operators. Maybe you’re looking for a candidate with experience as a data scientist, who is also skilled in machine learning or data mining, but not Java. Boolean Builder will target your search query to produce just that.


Since talent identification is the most critical component of recruiting, having control over candidate variables such as location and experience to identify qualified candidates is key. Producing only the most relevant results in search queries will revolutionize recruiting, and Entelo is proud to lead the way.

Boolean Builder also eliminates cases of typos and misspellings that may often arise when constructing an advanced Boolean query. This means less time spent on refining and inspecting search queries to detect possible errors. Entelo’s Boolean Builder also uses a sophisticated machine learning model to suggest skills that are relevant to the job title a recruiter is sourcing for, so that users won’t have to think of all the possible descriptors that have to be added to the search criteria. Sourcing candidates in a faster, more effective way has never been easier.

Contact our sales team to find out how Boolean Builder can help you simplify recruiting searches.

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