5 Ways to Use Social Media For Fast and Easy Personalization

October 12, 2018 at 8:31 AM by Grace Newman

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It’s estimated that in 2018 the average business professional received 120 emails a day.  That comes out to 600 emails a week flooding your candidate’s inbox – and when many of those emails offer little more than a useless distraction, it becomes exceedingly difficult to cut through the noise as a recruiter. Add to the mix an average attention span of a mere 8 seconds and you have all the ingredients for an uphill battle.

Spray ‘n’ Pray is a Thing of The Past

Given the stats shared above, it’s no surprise that batch emailing just doesn’t cut it anymore. Highly sought after candidates receive hundreds of recruiting emails and can easily spot a template. Even if the opportunity looks attractive, starting off an email with the uninspired “impressed by your background” leaves a candidate doubtful that they’ve really been identified as a great fit.


On the flip side, personalization has been touted as an outreach best practice for years and it’s highly effective - personalized emails improve click-through rates by an average of 14%. There is, however, a tipping point: spend too much time researching and crafting a unique message and your productivity takes a big hit. And with such stiff competition for passive talent, this is a sacrifice recruiters can’t afford.


So how can you make your message stand out without incurring such a cost? One efficient and scalable way is to leverage social media.


Getting the Conversation Started with Social Media

Often it takes just one detail of personal info to catch a candidate’s eye and social media provides the perfect material for that kind of quick personalization. Some of the golden nuggets of info you can glean from social media and incorporate into your outreach include:

1. Shared Connections / Schools: Shouting out a shared alma mater or exceptional peer can build credibility and stimulate conversation. Use this tidbit in the first couple sentences of your outreach to catch their eye and draw them in.


2. Interests That Tie Back to Company Culture or Groups: Once you’ve drawn them in, sell them on the company culture. 40% of candidates want to hear about a company’s culture in the recruiter’s first email – so uncovering an interest or passion that ties back to a specific aspect of your company’s culture tells them a lot about how they will like working there.


3. Recent Event Participation: Maybe they tweeted about a recent D&I event they attended or a happy hour that your company participated in. Whether you crossed paths or not, bring up the event and ask them what content resonated the most. Not only does it show you paid attention, but their answer may reveal more about their values and help you to tailor your approach further.

4. Recent Work or Projects: Check out sites like Github to give you a sense of the types of projects a candidate is currently working on. If they happen to be showcasing the exact skillset you are looking for, mentioning it in your outreach tells them that you did your research and have come to them with an appropriate and fitting opportunity.


5. Leverage Conversation Starters From Entelo: Because we really believe in this approach to outreach, we wanted to make social personalization as simple and efficient as possible. That’s why our engineers built out Conversation Starters, a new feature in Entelo Track. If a candidate has recent activity on their social media accounts , it will be displayed directly within Track’s email composition module. That way, you can quickly assess their activity and extract a personal tidbit without jumping across multiple tabs and scoring social profiles.



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