How Premise Data Boosts Candidate Response Rates by Replacing Linkedin Recruiter with Entelo

October 17, 2018 at 11:02 AM by Grace Newman

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The passive talent market is tricky. As a recruiter, you want to get in front of passive talent with the right opportunity at the right time – before they raise their hands and announce to the (recruiting) world that they’ve hit the job market. Since they’re not actively looking, this becomes quite the guessing game.

If successful, you beat the competition to the punch and are making hires before they can say “impressed by your background.” More often than we’d like, however, recruiting outreach garners no response at all.

Why is this silence so common? When 86% of recruiting teams are investing in sourcing solutions, why does this challenge persist? The truth is that although sourcing technologies continue to evolve, many recruitment organizations put their faith in the status quo and in doing so lose out on the competitive advantage that passive sourcing provides in the first place.

As one of the most frequented sites for sourcing passive talent, LinkedIn boasts a large share of the recruiting community as active users – a fact both recruiters and candidates are well aware of. Premise Data’s Head of Talent Nathalie Pretzer sums it up best: “I think people, particularly engineers, will avoid LinkedIn until they are actually looking and then you are just one of the masses. We want to find people when they are not looking.”

Frustrated by low response rates and eager to get in front of candidates in a fresh way, Pretzer began to explore Entelo. Right away, she saw her team delivering big wins: “The part time sourcer that we have – he’s brand new to sourcing, brand new to recruiting, first time using Entelo – he found us a backend engineering manager within two weeks utilizing Entelo. And he just made his second hire utilizing Entelo. Within 3 weeks of opening the role, found us an engineering manager for our QA team. So within 4-5 weeks made two massive hires that are incredibly hard to find.”

Listen in to learn about the specific ways Nathalie’s team uses Entelo to engage with candidates inactive on LinkedIn and more than double response rates: