Make 2019 The Year You Kick Reactive Recruiting To The Curb

January 3, 2019 at 8:00 AM by Grace Newman

Accounting_finance_professionals_tulip-1-1It may be the start of a new year, but for those of us welcomed back to the office today by overflowing email inboxes and back-to back meetings– work may already feel a little old.

It’s easy to slip into 'reactive mode' when we’re struggling to play catch up. In order to stay afloat, our focus turns exclusively to completing tasks and checking items off our to-do list. According to Atlassian’s Senior Recruiter Kylie Gomez, the consequences of operating predominantly in our reactive mode are much more than needless stress: “When we get on this loop of “I’ve got to get these responses, I’ve got to get people out, I’ve got to get people in my funnel,” we tend to not be strategic.”

And although most of us can agree that the ideal recruiting process employs a targeted and data-driven strategy, recruiters juggling hundreds of candidates are spread too thin to take such a high-level approach.

It’s this lack of bandwidth that has ushered in the age of recruiting automation. By taking away the most tedious and time-consuming manual tasks associated with sourcing, and putting the right data in front of recruiters at the right time, automation transforms recruiters into strategic business partners.

So here’s the good news: if you are returning to the office today and feeling overwhelmed – take a breath! The start of a new year is a great time to get ahead of your yearly goals, by putting the right tools and strategy in place to remain proactive all year long.

For Kylie, this means incorporating Entelo’s email nurture campaigns within her outreach process. With so many areas of recruiting in which automation can be applied, candidate outreach is not the most obvious choice– personalization has been the gold standard in recruiting outreach for years.  To cast a wide enough net, however, recruiters must be able to personalize at scale and this requires the helping hands of automation. “To be able to automate those campaigns, and create those drips, and send them at times when we know those people open their emails, it takes a lot of the manual work out off of that I can spend time on the things that need that a human touch.”

Hear the rest of our conversation with Kylie to learn how her team keeps an eye on strategy all year long: 


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