Increase Recruiter Productivity with AI and Automation

July 5, 2018 at 9:00 AM by Reuben Yonatan

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It goes without saying that recruiters have a lot to do. So much goes into hiring a new employee, there's scheduling, paperwork, sourcing, job advertising and the list goes on. There’s simply not enough time in the day for any one recruiter to take on all these tasks at once. This is where AI and recruiting automation software come into play. AI allows recruiters to focus on the more nuanced tasks that require a human touch by handling mundane, time-consuming tasks and complete them at a much faster rate.

Businesses can leverage machine learning algorithms to manage and optimize outreach, automatically schedule interviews, build lists for potential applicants, and screen resumes and cover letters to determine which candidates should be pursued. Let’s break these down even further.

Email outreach is a time-consuming process that requires careful attention, personalized responses, and skillful organization. For recruiters hiring for multiple open roles, this process can be particularly manual and time consuming.

AI tools can determine if an applicant is worthy of being interviewed based on certain keywords in their resume, send a quick email informing the applicant the business is interested in interviewing them, and even send a follow up with more specific details if that candidate doesn’t respond to the first message.

HR and recruiting teams typically have multiple schedules to handle. This includes managerial schedules, employee schedules, corporate schedules, interview schedules, and schedules for company-wide events, meetings, and visits. It’s confusing writing this, so imagine being the recruiter tasked with managing all of them and making sure teams and departments are all receiving the correct and most current schedules.

Although the scheduling function is manual, it is critical interview loops are scheduled quickly to move the hiring process at an efficient pace. With technologies that seamlessly integrate with ATSs, video conferencing systems and even email, scheduling happens faster and easier than ever.

Determining whether or not an applicant is suitable for your company requires investigating multiple sources to compile a list of suitable candidates based off complicated boolean searches.

AI can be used to source potential applicants. Tools like Entelo Envoy use machine learning to find candidates based on search criteria, coordinates outreach and delivers candidates ready to engage straight to the recruiter's inbox.

When combined with scheduling automations, and email automations, recruiters have even less to worry about. They can use their time to develop better strategies, provide positive candidate experiences and build strong relationships. 

The Final Word
Increasing recruiter productivity with AI and automations is a simple task for HR teams. Recruiters have so many tasks to do each and every day. It can be easy to get swamped with mundane, time-consuming tasks, depending on the size of your company and size of your HR department, if you have one.

AI helps to eliminate this possibility by handling multiple tasks at once. This allows recruiters to focus more important tasks like one-on-one training and handling special cases.

Ultimately, AI is used to make recruiting more data drive and efficient. With these automations, recruiters become more productive and can help businesses improve the employee experience.