The Best Recruiting Software of 2018

June 20, 2018 at 10:14 AM by Sydney Cohen

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With the end of June just around the corner, so ends the first half of 2018. The last six months have flown by, but not without shaking the recruiting industry first. Over the course of 2018, thus far, recruiting automation has shaped and changed recruiting practices making hiring smarter and faster than ever. In fact, at the close of 2017, 62 percent of talent acquisition professionals were planning to spend money on AI-powered recruiting software. Due to this major shift in the industry, we’re wrapping up the best recruiting software on the market in 2018.


Sourcing technologies automate the process of identifying and engaging with passive candidates. These technologies leverage AI and predictive analytics to aggregate and analyze data about candidates’ skills and experience, then match them to job opportunities. These solutions also automate candidate outreach and follow-up to increase engagement.

Entelo: Combines AI, machine learning, predictive analytics, behavioral listening and social signals to help recruiting organizations identify, qualify and engage with talent. Entelo has capability to surface diverse candidates as well as anonymize search results to help recruiters mitigate unconscious bias.

Hiretual: AI search builds a full profile on potential hires from across the web, making sure your top results are the best match.

HiringSolved: Uses artificial intelligence to automate candidate matching, increase diversity, reduce time to fill jobs, analyze the social web, and unlock the power of your ATS, CRM, and HRIS data.

Candidate Screening and Experience

Candidate screening and experience technologies leverage automated chatbot technologies to automate candidate screening, applicant status updates, and other aspects of the candidate experience, helping companies provide a streamlined, consistent and scalable interface to individuals considering employment opportunities.

Mya: Automates the process from resume to hire so that you can cultivate and engage the best candidates.

AllyO: Manages assessments, matches candidates to roles, interview schedules and job requisitions.

Olivia(Paradox): The AI assistant that allows you to focus on what you do best, while she focuses on candidate capture, screening, scheduling, and candidate communication and engagement.

Interview Scheduling

Interview scheduling technologies are automating the scheduling process. These companies offer the promise that one of the most tedious parts of the hiring workflow, scheduling candidates for interviews, can be largely automated via their technology.

Clara Labs: Books interviews swiftly and follows up when communication lags. It prevents drawn-out scheduling processes where candidates drop off. An operations platform for interview scheduling and interviewer training. Using AI personal assistants, it automatically schedules your meetings so that you can focus on meaningful work.

Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) / Recruitment Marketing

Candidate relationship management (“CRM”) / recruitment marketing technologies help companies maintain relationships with candidates on an ongoing basis (vs. simply when applicants are in an active interview process).

Smashfly: One platform that allows recruiting teams deliver personalized candidate experiences, build meaningful relationships with talent and provide reliable data for actionable insight.

Avature: Identify, attract, hire, develop and retain talented people, define your company culture, and ensures that companies have the human capital to meet their strategic objectives.

beamery: Helps teams build relationships with passive candidates ahead of business demand, reduce hiring cycles and create a single source of truth for all your hiring data.

Applicant Tracking System

Applicant tracking systems (“ATS”) are used to manage the interview process once a candidate becomes an applicant for a specific job. Not all ATS software leverages intelligent technology, but the more modern vendors heavily leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate the process and improve both the candidate and recruiter experience.

Greenhouse: This ATS is designed to optimize your entire recruiting process, find better candidates, conduct more focused interviews, and make data-driven hiring decisions.

Jobvite: This ATS has social recruiting capabilities, mobile-optimized branded career sites, a recruiting branding solution, on-demand video screening, advanced analytics, onboarding, and seamless integration with other HR systems.

Lever: Combines an ATS and CRM functionality in a single powerful platform to help you source, nurture, and manage your candidates all in one place.

Assessments, Interviewing and Background Checks

Assessments, interviewing and background check technologies are an area of tremendous innovation when it comes to around evaluation of candidates for employment fit. Vendors help customers administer coding tests to identify top developers, test for non-technical attributes that lead to better hires, administer video interviewing and automate the background checking process.

HireVue: One platform for conducting video interviews, delivering assessments and coordinates interviewing to help standardize and streamline hiring practices.

HackerRank: Send coding assessments in over 35+ programming languages to validate skills instantly. Choose from a library of coding assessments oir customize your own.

Checkr: Provides modern and compliant background checks for global enterprises and startups.

Candidate Rediscovery and Ranking

Candidate rediscovery and ranking technologies are a newer segment of recruiting automation technologies, which leverage AI and machine learning to help companies better understand who has applied for their jobs and help them to uncover good fit candidates who might be already present in their ATS or CRM.

RestlessBandit: Discovery algorithms automatically match your jobs to a pool of over 100 million candidates, who then apply directly to your jobs. Rediscovery algorithms use artificial intelligence to match the candidates already in your ATS with your open jobs.

Uncommon: List your job once, and intelligent optimization will source active and passive candidates across the internet. Set your custom job requirements and the technology will analyze education, experience, and a mix of tech and soft skills to surface applicants that directly satisfy your criteria.

Brilent: Through AI and data analytics, Brilent updates candidate information and ranks candidates against open roles.


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