Get Your Copy – The Definitive Guide To Recruiting Automation Hits The Shelves Today

December 12, 2018 at 8:42 AM by Grace Newman

The Definitive Guide- EMAIL BANNER


Earlier this year we published Recruiting Automation for Dummies, a beginner’s guide to the emerging space of recruiting automation. Hitting the shelves today, our latest eBook The Definitive Guide to Recruiting Automation goes one step further by providing hands-on exercises to get your recruiting automation strategy up and running in no time. 


If you dipped your toes in the pool with Dummies, you are more than ready to dive in with the Definitive Guide to Recruiting Automation. Be forewarned, however, this guide is not for the faint of heart! Boasting 35 pages that detail everything from the history of recruiting technology and current market landscape to best practices and exercises for defining your ideal process, the Definitive Guide inarguably lives up to its name.

Who should give Definitive Guide a read, you may ask? There’s something for everyone within the guide’s pages– recruiting newbies and industry experts alike. Newbies will benefit from a thorough read cover to cover, gaining a comprehensive knowledge of the space and how to get started. More seasoned practitioners of recruiting automation will find the hands-on instruction for selecting and evaluating tools most valuable.

Ready to get started? Download your copy today and uplevel your recruiting process in time for 2019!

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