Anaplan Fuels Aggressive Growth With Automated Recruiting

January 22, 2018 at 12:00 PM by William Clarke

envoy_anaplan_blog.jpgAs one of the fastest growing and most innovative companies in the Bay Area, Anaplan is a leading platform provider connecting data, people, and plans across businesses. The company aims to empower its customers to plan, collaborate and act in real time with easy-to-use applications to solve complex planning challenges. Innovative technologies require innovative technologists to build them, and Anaplan meets this challenge for companies all over the world. To keep them all running smoothly, Anaplan must scale aggressively and that requires rapidly expanding headcount in key departments. In order to make hires efficiently, recruiters at Anaplan leverage a sophisticated array of technologies to maximize their productivity and deliver impactful hiring results.

But like many technology companies based in the Bay Area, finding qualified and interested talent is highly competitive. To fill the roles required for Anaplan to meet its goals and continue to grow, the talent team needs to generate healthy candidate pipeline in a reasonable amount of time to make hires. As Anaplan full-cycle technical recruiter Drew Angers explains, “My number one biggest challenge is finding the time to source. Sourcing is fundamental for success, but with so many competing initiatives and priorities, there just aren’t enough hours in the day.”

Like many talent professionals, Anaplan’s team of recruiters needed more time but were finding it hard to come by. And with senior architect and software engineering roles to fill, they were targeting some of the most sought after skillsets in the area. It’s a common problem, and with demand skyrocketing for many key technical roles, they needed a solution that could work faster and more comprehensively than the competition.

In early August, Anaplan began using Entelo Envoy to automate the job of talent sourcing. It was clear almost immediately after setting up their first role that Envoy's recruiting automation tools would deliver exceptional results and save a significant amount of time for the team. “With Envoy, Entelo has created a way to completely automate the pain of sourcing away,” says Angers. “I couldn’t have dreamt up a more perfect solution for sourcing and engaging with candidates.”

Breaking through the noise in today’s recruiting talent market is no small feat, but Envoy has helped Anaplan enjoy some eye-popping results, including increased email open rates, now at 53%. And with interested candidates showing up directly in the inbox of Anaplan recruiters, “Around half of my pipeline now comes from Envoy sourced candidates. I can’t believe how quickly it works and how much time it saves me everyday,” states Angers.

Not only has Envoy helped Anaplan automate its sourcing workflows, it has delivered a higher volume of candidates than they ever could have found manually while dramatically reducing the amount of time they need to spend on candidate outreach.

“I put one of my tougher roles on Envoy – a Principal Java Engineer,” says Angers. “I was surprised by how great the candidates Envoy returned were. More than 90 percent were a perfect match for my role. And after the email messages to candidates went out, we saw an open rate higher than 50 percent, which is unheard of for engineers.”

 Whether you’re a Fortune 100 company or a cutting-edge startup, San Francisco is one of the toughest recruiting markets in the world. Now, with Entelo Envoy, Anaplan is enjoying the kind of recruiting success that eludes many companies with an efficient and effective candidate outreach process.

As Anaplan goes into 2018, the recruiting team is confident that their business goals are in sight. No wonder Angers says: “Entelo is ahead of the curve. We are going to keep using Envoy forever!”

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