Introducing Entelo Envoy: Combining the Simplicity of Job Boards with the Efficacy of Personalized Outreach

January 11, 2018 at 6:30 AM by Mike Trigg

blog-post-envoy.pngAI is one of the biggest trends for 2018, and nowhere is it more needed than in recruiting talent. The global recruitment market is estimated at $200 billion, and approximately 41 million people in the U.S. alone will be looking for a job or actively recruited this year. But recruitment remains one of the biggest challenges and resource drains for companies across all industries. Today, Entelo aims to change that by making Entelo Envoy generally available to all employers.

Entelo Envoy utilizes patent-pending AI and machine learning algorithms to automatically identify, qualify, and engage ideal candidates, saving recruiting teams time and money. After an early release to about 75 existing Entelo customers last year, we are seeing very impressive results including reductions in time spent sourcing and uptick in candidate pipelines by as much as 50%.

As 62% of talent acquisition professionals plan to spend on AI-powered recruiting software in 2018, we hope you’ll review intelligent sourcing software, Entelo Envoy, and let us know how it helps you hire.

Mike Trigg
GM, Entelo Envoy
CMO, Entelo

Entelo Envoy Uses AI To Put Sourcing on Autopilot

New Solution Saves Time and Delivers Better Qualified Candidates


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (January 9, 2018) - Entelo, the world’s leading AI-driven recruiting automation platform, today announced the general availability of Entelo Envoy, the solution that uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to automatically find, nurture and deliver interested job candidates directly to the email inboxes of recruiters. Early Envoy customers report increased pipeline and significant time and cost savings, affirming Entelo’s commitment modernizing recruiting.

“Unlike traditional platforms, Entelo Envoy saves me 10-15 hours per week, allowing me to push volume while maintaining a personalized candidate experience for each prospective hire,” said Talent Lead at Tubi TV, Chris Hartzell. “Automating the tedious work in the recruiting process is a big win for our team.”

Entelo Envoy identifies top talent using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms that analyze fit across several attributes. It then reaches out to those quality candidates at optimal times with personalized messages. When they engage, the responses go directly to a recruiter’s inbox. To date, nearly 80 percent of candidates delivered by Entelo Envoy are accepted by recruiters and advance to the next step of the recruiting process.

Since candidates are discovered and qualified intelligently and outreach happens automatically, time spent sourcing is estimated to drop by 96 percent with the use of Envoy, where users spend about 30 minutes weekly. This is compared to manual sourcing, where talent acquisition professionals report spending nearly one-third of their work weeks (approximately 13 hours) for just a single role. One in four respondents report spending as much as half the work week (20 hours or more) sourcing for just one role. The majority of recruiters – 70 percent of respondents – agreed that recruiting automation would increase their productivity, according to the Entelo 2018 Recruiting Trends Report.

Entelo already has more than 75 customers using the Envoy product to source candidates, including Infinity Ward, 619 Partners, and MapBox. Many reported significant pipeline generation and in some cases, Entelo Envoy accounted for up to 50 percent of the entire candidate pipeline.

“By combining the simplicity of a job board with the efficacy of outbound outreach, Envoy represents a new strategy in the recruiter's toolkit,” said Mike Trigg, general manager of Entelo Envoy and chief marketing officer at Entelo. “Employers now have a solution to put sourcing on autopilot, giving strategic recruiters time back in their days to do what they do best.”

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