Your Favorite Entelo Posts of 2017

January 3, 2018 at 12:00 PM by William Clarke

top blogs of 2018 (1).png2017 was a big year at Entelo. We raised a Series C funding round, announced and launched an innovative new product called Entelo Envoy and made some amazing new hires. Besides those milestones, we published another 90 blog posts over the past year. Some of our favorites covered why referral bonuses don’t really work, how employer branding is the secret sauce to hiring success, and how Entelo is using technology to reduce bias in recruiting

But enough about our favorites. Here are the ten Entelo posts you read the most last year.

  1. Why We’ve Moved Beyond Culture Fit and You Should, Too

    “The thing is, culture does matter. But rather than creating a monoculture, we strive to create a culture of openness that values dissent, welcomes new ideas, and thinks differently. And the best way to do that is to create teams of people with different backgrounds, points of view and talents who work together to help the company succeed.”

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  2. How to Find Tech Talent on Github, Hacker News, and Stack Overflow

    “The internet has created a million talent pools of every variety, but when you’re looking for technical hires a few places in particular stand above the rest: GitHub, Stack Overflow, and Hacker News. The ever-tightening technical hiring market has turned these communities into essential talent sources for recruiters, yet finding the right candidates still comes down to knowing the particular rules, lingo and cultures that fuel these destinations.”

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  3. Standardize Your Team’s Candidate Phone Screens with this Checklist

    “The initial phone screen isn’t just a formality to confirm your candidate isn’t a total weirdo. Executed properly, this conversation is an opportunity to identify non-starters, and most importantly to understand if this person truly is who their profile says they are. Your team of recruiters is going to be conducting these constantly, and in the interest of candidate experience and consistent assessment, it’s important to standardize these calls.”

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  4. The 16 Books Every Modern Recruiter Should Read

    “Most of the books are focused on mastering and understanding communication skills, modern technology (like AI and automation), the fundamentals of human behavior, teamwork, and how to keep learning throughout your life. To different degrees, sourcing and recruiting at a high level requires each of these skills. Keeping them sharp will let you stay ahead of the curve in the always-evolving world of talent.”

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  5. A Field Guide to Recruiting Data Scientists

    “For the vast majority of companies and organizations around the world, understanding and leveraging data is now a key business concern. But the problem with having so much data is that it takes a highly specialized skillset to tease out the insights and actionable intel locked up inside of potentially massive datasets.That’s why data specialists have become one of the most highly sought after professionals on the talent market.”

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  6. What the Music You Listen to While Sourcing Says About You

    “Maybe you’re a headbanger who loves finding sales engineers to the furious thrash of guitar solos. Or you’re an opera buff who uncovers data scientists while being serenaded by the world's finest Rigolettos. Or maybe belting out "Jesse's Girl" is what really powers you through a candidate list building marathon. To each their own!”

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  7. Seven Great Videos on Recruiting Hiring and Talent Management

    “Speakers range from former Google Senior VP of People Laszlo Bock, famed entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, a16z founder and partner Ben Horowitz, author Malcolm Gladwell and even a very young Steve Jobs. The clips range in length from just a few minutes up to a half hour, but each includes fascinating insights, ideas, and takeaways that will benefit every talent pro, no matter how long you’ve been in the game.”

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  8. How Hiring Freethinkers Encourages Diversity of Thought

    “Finding freethinkers can be challenging since the nature of many hiring processes promotes the idea of fitting in. Human biases towards people who have certain things in common with us only exacerbate the problem. But the benefit of hiring freethinkers is worth recalibrating your hiring process.”

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  9. The Advantage of Hiring Growth Minded Talent

    “A growth mindset can easily be mistaken for hard work, but effort alone does not lead to growth. Thoughtless effort can be wasteful, inefficient, and counterproductive. That’s why a true growth-minded individual is strategic, with the ability to focus their efforts on specific goal-oriented tasks. More than that, the growth mindset also helps people to treat challenges like opportunities and failures as data points rather than catastrophic events. In the context of work, it facilitates the type of continuous learning and strategic risk-taking that lead to greater more impactful innovation, creativity, and productivity.”

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  10. How to Tell if a Candidate’s Skills Fit Your Role

    Whether you’re putting a candidate on a pedestal or holding out for perfect, zero risk, no trade-off cyborg, you’re making it harder to hire the good fit people who actually exist. That undermines your hiring before you’ve even begun. Every month that goes by without a hire is costing you both revenue and productivity while making your team’s strategic goals all the more difficult to achieve. So let’s get hunting.

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