Who Should Go to The Recruiting Automation Summit

April 24, 2018 at 11:30 AM by Sydney Cohen

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Recruiting is moving into a new era. Recruiters have to wear many different hats, manage their company reputation, provide a hospitable candidate experience, and source for roles that didn’t exist a few years ago, all while delivering on aggressive hiring goals.

Recruiting is simultaneously becoming harder and more integral to the success of organizations, which is why new hiring tools and practices are surfacing to help talent acquisition teams meet the challenges that lie ahead. As a result, modern recruiters are learning to adopt these new tools to remain competitive in the increasingly fierce war for talent.

Recruiting automation technologies are the keys to efficient and effective recruiting in this new era. That’s why we’re hosting The Recruiting Automation Summit on June 13th - 14th in San Francisco. This event will provide a unique forum to discuss the nexus of recruiting and technology. Attendees will learn how machine learning and artificial intelligence are impacting the labor market and how these tools can be leveraged to amplify recruiting strategies.

Do any of the below titles describe you? If so, be sure to save your seat and join us at The Recruiting Automation Summit this June!  

Head of Talent Acquisition

If you’re leading talent acquisition teams, it’s up to you to maintain a healthy understanding of the current hiring landscape. Recruiting automation tools have the power to streamline and drive efficiency, but how do they work and what do you need to know? Be sure to register and hear from Josh Bersin, Principal and Founder of Bersin by Deloitte, during his session, Modernizing Hiring.

HR Leadership

HR leaders have more to think about than just hiring. HR generalists and similar titles spend a lot of time thinking about culture, employee engagement and of course, diversity and inclusion. If your team is working through the trials and tribulations that come along with implementing diversity & inclusion initiatives, you won’t want to miss the breakout session, Hiring for Diversity in the Age of AI featuring talent acquisition leaders like Ragini Holloway, Head of Talent at Affirm, Inc.  

Recruiting Professionals

Undiscriminating of industry, company size or location, recruiting is more competitive than ever. This summit is formulated to give you hands on, practical advice on how to find the best talent and accelerate your candidate pipeline using recruiting automation. In fact, we have an entire afternoon of breakout sessions devoted to hands-on learning for talent acquisition professionals like you. Hear from industry leaders from Uber and Schneider Electric on how to navigate change whether it be adopting new technology to shifts in leadership during the Fireside Chat: Change Management. You’ll also get great content around what your boss wishes you knew about implementing new technologies, and how leaders at large corporations navigate adventures in extreme hiring.

Recruiting automation is changing the future of work and the best way to stay relevant is to learn more. Educating yourself and your team is the first step to driving efficiency, productivity and many great hires for your company. To learn more, follow the Recruiting Automation Summit on twitter @RAS_SF.  

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