How to Fix Technical Interviewing

Imagine you had to fluently speak and understand numerous different jargons, lexicons, and technical subjects, while also needing to accurately assess other people’s mastery of those skillsets. Now imagine doing it multiple times a day with different people in 15 to 30 minute increments. It almost sounds like some crazy version of nerdy speed dating, right? Almost, but not quite. It’s just technical interviewing!

Technical interviewing doesn’t need to feel like a DMV trip. But many organizations handicap themselves with one-size fit all interviewing and hiring processes that make it for more painful than it needs to be.

“Get People To Think Outside The Box”: Mozilla, Instacart VP of TA Mathew Caldwell

Co-founder of Rocketpower and former VP of Talent at Instacart, Mathew Caldwell, joins Hiring On All Cylinders for a conversation about candidate calibration, the magic ratio for recruiting metrics, why CEOs should be the biggest salespeople you have when it comes to hiring, and how diversity of thought is essential to consistently hiring the best people with unique skillsets. Also joining the podcast is Entelo VP of Talent and Operations, Jill Witty, fresh off a presentation on innovative sourcing strategies at the Virginia SHRM conference.